Company goal: make one hundred enterprise, produce high quality auto parts industry brand.

Enterprise tenet: people-oriented, science and technology enterprise, the quality is supreme, the modern management.

Enterprise spirit: diligence, pragmatic, efficient, innovative and development.

Enterprise ideal: an honest person, serious work, and make money.

Development concept: to the quality strives for the survival, to promote the development of science and technology, xing enterprise with the brand, win the future by innovation.

Development concept: diligent, dedicated, truth-seeking, innovation.

Business philosophy: credibility first, quality first, technology support, cooperation and win-win.

Core values: the target direction, ideological work, work, achievement is Shared.

Humanistic philosophy: love, gratitude staff, service enterprises, contributing to society.

Staff idea: enterprise failure my shame, I rong qi xing, strong companies I am rich.

Work concept: the enterprise is in my heart, safe in my head, benefit is in my hands.

Staff goal: I with the time his endeavour, and I wanna with growing together.

Vision: employees of super together, the beautiful future.

Concept: saving energy starts from oneself, consumption, from the perspective of the bit.

The value orientation: strategic decision success or failure, detail decides success, quality comes from quality, communication opportunity, benefit cooperation achievements.

Working principles: for the welfare of employees, responsibility for the customer, for the enterprise development, contribute to the nation.

Enterprise culture essence: Wanchao jointly build love.