• Car ignition lock difference

    Ignition lock, also known as ignition switch, is a multi-gear switch, need to use the corresponding key to operate it, ignition lock is usually used to control the ignition circuit, instrument circuit


    08-14 / 2020

  • What is the purpose of electric Windows

    Electric window refers to the car window which automatically raises and lowers the glass by power. It is operated by the driver or occupant switch through the window lifting motor circuit, the motor g


    03-19 / 2020

  • Notes for keyless startup system

    First, don't put them together with electronic devices. Because smart keys use low-intensity radio waves, they may not work properly in the presence of magnetic field interference. Often the smart


    11-24 / 2018

  • Working Principle of Automotive Electric Glass Lift

    Working Principle of Automotive Electric Glass Lift:1. The switch controls the internal small motor to turn forward and backward, drives the rope, and drives the slider which fixes the glass to slide


    11-16 / 2017

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