Notes for keyless startup system

2018-11-24 15:40:10 351

First, don't put them together with electronic devices. Because smart keys use low-intensity radio waves, they may not work properly in the presence of magnetic field interference. Often the smart car keys and mobile phones together will be disturbed by the frequency of mobile phones, there will be failure. If the smart key receives high-intensity radio waves, it may consume too much electricity. So don't put your smart keys near your TV or computer.

Second, don't throw things around. For smart keys, the most frightening thing is to fall to the ground from high altitude, because the internal circuit of the key is weak in impact resistance and easy to be damaged in severe collision.

Thirdly, the key of the intelligent car will burn the internal circuit and cause failure when it enters the water. Once the smart key comes into the water, open the shell flat, dry it with a hair dryer, and then send it to the repair shop for inspection. Never fling hard with your keys. It's the easiest way to let water flow to other important lines. Don't unlock it by remote control immediately, because it may cause the circuit board to burn out.

Fourth, intelligent keys should not be exposed to high temperature direct-fire environments, such as dashboards or hood.

Fifth, don't put the spare key in the car. If the car keys are lost badly, it will cause a lot of trouble, especially the smart car keys, once lost, not only need to be rebuilt, but also need to match the computer. Unlike general mechanical keys, intelligent keys are not lost because they involve the anti-theft technology of the whole vehicle. Simply making one can continue to be used. It is understood that each manufacturer has formulated strict keyless door opening and key matching procedures for its after-sales service department, so remind owners to protect spare keys as much as possible, do not put them together with existing keys, and do not put them in the car.

Sixth, don't use wrong batteries. The battery life of smart car keys is about one year. Because the frequency of car keys is different, the consumption of batteries is also different; different distances use car keys, the consumption of electricity will be different. It's very prudent to change batteries for smart car keys. Once something goes wrong, the circuit board in the keys will burn out. Before replacing, the car owner should first see the diagram of battery replacement. When opening the key, the car should pay attention to the original position of each part and try to choose the original battery. When installing, the car should carefully distinguish the positive and negative poles of the battery, and not misplace them. At the same time, the sealing ring at the bottom of the key should be paid attention to, so as not to be damaged in replacing, otherwise it will be damaged. Burn out the circuit board.

Seventh, don't touch metal objects. Many female car owners like to drop heavy ornaments on their car keys. Some male car owners even string together a large number of other keys. Little imagine, in the bumpy jump of the car, too many falling objects on the keys will wear the restriction elements and contacts of the door switch through the lock core, leading to its relaxation and premature damage, which will cause the engine to start failure or to shut down due to power failure in the course of driving. Moreover, if placed with other keys, the keys are metal products, and smart keys are in contact with or covered by metal objects, which may cause work failure.