Gan Yonglaiou, former vice president and academician of China Academy of Engineering, inspects intelligent manufacturing

2018-11-15 11:04:37 56

On November 13, the former vice-president and academician Ganyong of the Chinese Academy of Engineering visited the digital exhibition hall of Zhejiang Tongda Optics Co., Ltd. and China (Ouhai) Glasses Town successively. A symposium was held in Ouhai Glasses Industry Association to discuss the current situation of Ouhai industry development and the trend of intelligent manufacturing. Wang Zhenyong, Deputy Secretary of the District Committee and director of the district, and the principal leaders of the relevant departments such as the district government office, the District Economic and credit bureau, the District Economic Development Zone and the District Federation of industry and Commerce participated in the investigation.

In Tongda Optics, academician Ganyong visited the workshop of modern production line and listened to Zhou Aisong, executive vice chairman of Ouhai District Federation of Industry and Commerce and chairman of Zhejiang Tongda Optics Co., Ltd. about the effect of technological transformation of "machine replacement". With the deep integration of industrialization and informationization, Tongda optics has invested tens of millions of dollars in machine replacement to promote enterprise transformation, which ensures the stability of product quality in key processes, greatly improves productivity and production efficiency, and greatly reduces the number of employees. They also learned about the development of Ouhai glasses industry in the digital exhibition hall of the eyeglasses town, visited the town planning sand table and eyeglasses exhibition stand, and conducted the intelligent selection experience of eyeglasses in the interactive area.

Finally, a group of people held a symposium in Ouhai Glasses Association. The participants were Zhejiang Tongda Optics Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Wanchao Electrical Co., Ltd., Hualian Machinery Co., Ltd., Tianyu Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Chaolong Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Jinfeng Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang Yahe Machinery Co., Ltd. The person in charge of Electric Technology Co., Ltd. and others introduced the current situation of the enterprise development, the level of intelligent manufacturing, the development situation, future planning and so on.

Gan Yong pointed out that entrepreneurs must have innovative and forward-looking awareness to enhance the level of enterprise intelligence. The importance of establishing an expert committee on intelligent manufacturing and a large data platform for industrial development is also mentioned. For example, if the eyeglasses industry can build a big data platform on the basis of building a small eyeglasses town and make good use of data analysis, it will be better able to grasp market trends, enhance sensitivity to market changes, understand the application of new materials and technologies, strengthen market development ability and win development. The government's support plays a key role in the development of industrial clusters. Grasping the characteristic industries, strengthening the introduction of talents and teams, and systematic strategic planning can lead the industry to develop better and faster.

Wang Zhenyong said that the next step would be to strengthen the dialogue and exchange between enterprises and technical experts, employ intelligent expert consultants to guide industrial development, plan to establish a large data platform, and further promote the work of attracting investment in Ouhai.