What is the purpose of electric Windows

2020-03-19 11:28:53 285

Electric window refers to the car window which automatically raises and lowers the glass by power. It is operated by the driver or occupant switch through the window lifting motor circuit, the motor generates power through a series of mechanical transmission, so that the window glass according to the demand for lifting.

The electric window device is mainly composed of lifting control switch, motor, elevator, relay and so on. The motor generally uses two-way permanent magnet motor, which can rotate in positive and negative direction by controlling the direction of current to achieve the lifting function of the window.

There is always a window lock switch on the Windows, and once it is turned off the electric window switch does nothing.

Electric Windows have a thermal switch, the main is to control the current to protect the motor from overload. In addition, if the window glass can not run freely for other reasons, the thermal switch will automatically disconnect. In addition, there is a safety device, some models of the rear window can not be all down to the bottom to prevent children from sticking their hands out of the window and causing some traffic accidents.