Car ignition lock difference

2020-08-14 10:59:55 316

Ignition lock, also known as ignition switch, is a multi-gear switch, need to use the corresponding key to operate it, ignition lock is usually used to control the ignition circuit, instrument circuit, electronic control system (engine), starting circuit and auxiliary electrical circuit (in addition to the alarm and most of the car horn circuit, warning lights, danger alarm lights, some car lights).

The first one: LOCK

Lock the car, the normal car key in this gear will lock the steering wheel, the steering wheel should not be too much movement

Track 2: ACC

ACC accessories except the electronic control system (engine) all power supply, such as radio, lights, sound, etc., can be used

Third course: ON

ON the whole vehicle electrical equipment can be used

Track 4: START

START Start the car. At this time, the electrical equipment ON ACC will shut down and automatically return to ON after starting

There is a code stored in the ignition lock barrel. When the inserted key does not conform to the stored code, that is, the resistance value does not conform to the resistance value stored in the ignition lock.