Notice on soliciting opinions on the standard of

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Notice on soliciting opinions on the standard of "Made in Zhejiang" for Combination Switch on Automotive Steering String

All relevant units and individuals:

In accordance with the relevant requirements of the Organization Standard Management Provisions (National Standards Committee Association [2019] 1), we hereby solicit public comments on the "Made in Zhejiang" standard (draft for comments) of "Combination Switch on Automotive Steering String" drafted by Zhejiang WanchaoElectrical Co., LTD. The time limit for soliciting comments is from July 1 to August 5. Please send feedback to within the time limit.

if overdue, it will be deemed no objection.


Zhejiang Wanchao Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd


Note: A supplementary page may be added if there is insufficient space in the comments.

Please fill in, stamp or sign and scan the copy by email to:  Zhejiang Wanchao Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd,Chen Huiyan: 13780179010, QQ: 5832522779