Wenzhou promotes the resumption of work and production in an orderly and precise manner

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Super perturbation

Lucheng: The "dual professional" service provides strong intellectual support

Recently, Lucheng has set up a professional service team and an expert service team to provide a strong organizational guarantee and intellectual support for further deepening and achieving "10,000 cadres entering 10,000 enterprises" and "winning the prevention and control battle and the development initiative".

According to the characteristics of enterprises, industries and industries in Lucheng, the District has organized experts and talents from various industries to set up 8 professional service groups to carry out accurate and efficient services. According to the needs of enterprises, experts, talents and professional cadres have been organized to set up 10 expert service groups for different business fields such as science and technology, finance, accounting, law and trade, to help enterprises solve contract disputes, loans and financing and other business problems.

"Experts have the advantages of high standing, wide vision, professionalism and strong business, which can help enterprises accurately grasp the new situation of development, provide effective reference for enterprise development positioning, but also provide investment risk assessment, legal dispute resolution and other professional services." The relevant person in charge of the Organization Department of Lucheng District Party Committee introduced that the experts and talents have certain advantages in the source of learning, popular reputation and platform resources, which can solve the problem of blocking points and card points encountered by the enterprises in the resumption of work and production. This is the intention of the establishment of the "dual-professional" service team.

Combination switch, the switch, car skylight, mirrors, electric glass, remote control, reversing radar, a key to keyless entry and start system, ignition lock, car body control module (BCM)

"Dual professional" service group to serve enterprises (Photo by Wu Jie)

It is understood that the "two specialized" service groups mainly carry out their services in four ways: "usual reception, appointment, remote consultation and centralized consultation". "Normal treatment" refers to the daily routine handling of the resumption of work and production directly reported by the enterprise; "Booking" is to carry out "one-to-one" door-to-door service by means of special line booking and classified delivery. "Remote consultation" refers to answering questions for enterprises point-to-point through video and other means; "Centralized consultation" refers to gathering the expert members of the service group to conduct centralized research on the major and difficult problems of the enterprise.

Since its establishment, the "dual professional" service team has given full play to the comprehensive intellectual advantages of all kinds of outstanding talents, providing precise and efficient services to help Lucheng enterprises resume work and production. For example, Zhuang Jianhua, the top talent in Lucheng District, led the health epidemic prevention expert team to a group of high-tech enterprises such as Juguang Garden Wenzhou Ole Safety Equipment Co., LTD., to guide the disinfection and epidemic prevention work of enterprises on the spot; Song Yuequn, a leading talent in science and technology innovation, organized relevant technicians to compile the Guidance Manual for Restarting Sewage and Waste Gas Treatment Facilities in Key Industries. The technical team sent relevant technical materials to Zhejiang Mingtai Standard Parts Co., LTD., Zhejiang Oulong Electric Co., LTD., and provided on-site guidance. Two experts, including Ye Shufan, the young top talent of science and technology innovation, and Hu Changmin, the top talent of the district, organized and participated in the technical guidance of the ectopic ecological treatment project construction of Wuqishan landfill site. (Dai Wujie)

Ouhai: Government and enterprise hand in hand intensive support measures

"Although affected by the epidemic, the government's support is heartwarming and we have confidence in our development!" Recently, Zhejiang Desai Group chairman Yu Rongyue once again inspected the shoe factory area, talking about the resumption of work and production, more than feeling is grateful. Not long ago, the company received a subsidy of more than 30,000 yuan from the Ouhai district government, and more than 300 employees from outside the province were also taken back by government-chartered trains.

Similar to Desai Group, with clothing, shoes and leather and other light industrial industries, Ouhai district, enterprises produce seasonal products, the earlier the resumption of work is more favorable. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, local governments are required to resume work and production in different regions and in different stages according to the epidemic situation, and to introduce "one place, one policy" and "one enterprise, one policy". At the institutional level, the local government has also introduced 16 support measures for Taiwan, explicitly investing 50 million yuan to set up special loan discount funds for fighting the epidemic, which will be available in one day at the earliest. It is reported that the move will leverage the bank of 5 billion yuan of working capital.

"I thank entrepreneurs from all walks of life who have overcome all difficulties, created positive conditions and quickly resumed work and production; Thank enterprise employees, whether new employees or old Ouhai people, through thousands of mountains and rivers, try every means to come to Ou Hai, we open arms to welcome you!" In the Ouhai District to resume the city Hui enterprise staff policy to honor the ceremony, the main leaders of the district Party committee thanked the entrepreneurs, every word really behind the area's epidemic prevention and resume work behind the "two hands" efforts and determination.

"Good policy, let's take advantage of it."

In the past few days, in the cutting, sewing and molding workshops of Desai Group, rows of workers have been busy. The working time of workers has been increased, and the time period from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. has been increased. The company has officially entered the rhythm of working overtime to meet orders.

"We eat and sleep all the way. We stop at high-speed service stations to rest. Some people get motion sickness and the cars are equipped with medicine for motion sickness." The first batch of employees to return to Ouhai, Xu Yiping, spoke of this trip back to Wenzhou experience, repeatedly praised the government service.

Knowing that many employees stay in other places, Ouhai District communicated with the local community bureau and sent a special car to pick them up. On Feb. 18, the first "through-train" from the Ouhai district crossed 1,200 kilometers and took 15 hours to reach Wenzhou from Hunan province.

As workers arrive, production is increasing, and Mr. Yu expects it to reach 5,000 pairs a day by the end of this month. "The confidence and confidence of the enterprises is given by the government. We should certainly take advantage of such good policies." He has set himself the goal of recouping nearly a month of losses and aiming for a 10% increase in production this year.

At the same time, the Ouhai District "16" support measures will be all kinds of enterprises within the region into the subsidy support, for agriculture, service industry, construction industry to expand the scope of subsidies, to give enterprises epidemic materials production equipment subsidies, state-owned assets rent relief, rework road subsidies, agriculture-related subsidies, exhibition subsidies.

In order to refine the cashing standards to projects and individuals, Ouhai takes the lead in setting up Huiqi Policy cashing Office to carry out practical office work, open the "fast track" of Huiqi, promote the four wheels of "consultation, declaration, approval and cashing", and reduce the time limit of cashing from the original 15 working days to one day. Meanwhile, more than 1300 staff are dispatched to assist enterprises. In all walks of life stationed service, to ensure that these "real money" really benefit each enterprise.

"Enterprises do not think of things to help solve"

"We are in urgent need of guidance on everything from epidemic prevention supplies to work procedures, accommodation for staff and facilities upstream and downstream." Affected by the epidemic prevention and control period, Zhou Liman, director of the office of Zhejiang Wanchao Electric Co., LTD., talked about the resumption of work and revealed her difficulties.

How to help enterprises survive the epidemic prevention and control period? Ouhai in the original "ten thousand cadres into ten thousand enterprises" based on the enterprise waiter, let the district level cadres 80% power sink enterprises and towns and streets, co-elect a batch of section-level cadres as the enterprise waiter, synchronously set up "1+N" service class, to achieve "a business, a service is not bad" "special class service, special affairs, emergency emergency". From the preparation to resume work after the epidemic prevention, city, district, street three linkage, Quxi street set up a service class, and Ouhai District "three return" group together to squat enterprises. The service class and Wanchao specially developed a set of "Wanchao version resume Guide", which is divided into four parts: "into the factory", "into the workshop", "into the restaurant" and "into the dormitory". The process of each step is detailed, standard version and can be copied. "The day before the official resumption of work, our team rehearsed the whole process to make sure everything was right." Quxi Street economic development office director Zhang Peixiong said.

Discover, handle, solve and give feedback. Every attendant in the enterprise is not only the director of the enterprise prevention and control office, but also the director of the production workshop and the director of logistics, so that the problem can be completely solved within the closed loop. Since February 13, the special service class has visited enterprises for many times to publicize and explain various requirements and supporting policies for the resumption of work, helping enterprises to sort out the list of employees in Wenzhou and determine the order of return to work, and the first approved employees of Wenzhou and non-Wenzhou employees staying in Wenzhou. Knowing the shortage of epidemic prevention supplies in Wanchao, the sub-district task force immediately arranged to support supplies such as thermometers, goggles and masks to ensure the normal resumption of business. At present, Ouhai has set up a service class of 1301, escort for enterprises to resume work and production.

After the resumption of work, how to arrange for unified residence and management of employees? The special service class and the new residents Service Center of Quxi Street sorted out the rental lists of 57 groups with more than 30 people in the area, and cooperated with Wanchao to prepare employees for centralized rental during the epidemic prevention and control period. "The government has been very helpful to us. It has done a very detailed job. It has taken into account everything that companies have not thought of, and it has helped solve all the difficulties, big and small." Zhou Liman said gratefully.

The government "three services" to accelerate the resumption of work and production of enterprises, at present, Ouhai District has coordinated with the resumption of the area's internal and external industrial chain supporting 44 enterprises.

"We will not withdraw until the recruitment task is completed."

"We will not only race against time to recruit more people, but also with the utmost enthusiasm and responsibility to help enterprises to get back to work." Zou Jinwei, head of Ouhai District's first outbound recruitment team and deputy director of the district's human Resources and Social Security Bureau, said they travel to Yingtan, Ganzhou, Ji 'an and Fuzhou in Jiangxi Province for nine days in a row, working at full capacity every day.

In accordance with the "1+4+N" mode, the Ouhai District selects 100 talented personnel from the regional departments and state-owned enterprises to serve as recruitment specialists, forming 20 full-time recruitment classes, which go to 110 Ouhai districts with concentrated employment and low risk of epidemic. Each class plans to recruit at least 2000 people, "the task is not completed, the class will not be withdrawn!"

On the eve of the trip to Jiangxi Province, the recruitment team contacted the president of Wenzhou Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce, hoping that through the strength of the chamber of Commerce, the recruitment and rework information of the province's migrant workers can be fully covered. A recruitment information at a time in Jiangxi Chamber of commerce groups, the villagers group spread, more than 300 consulting calls a day on average. "From answering questions for migrant workers to sorting out lists and docking vehicles, we are often busy until the wee hours of the morning every day." Faced with the reality that migrant workers are scattered and public transportation is suspended, the recruitment team set up meeting points in each region and tried to get employees on buses for the return trip, Zou said.

February 24, Ouhai again sent a second batch of recruitment group, and through the "to work with work" to enhance the accuracy of recruitment. With the general manager Li Xuyu's instructions, Liu Zhiming, a veteran employee of Wenzhou Shuoerbo Technology Co., LTD., flew to Sichuan overnight and went to Cangxi County, Guangyuan City with the recruitment team non-stop the next day. "With the full support of the government, we are speeding up the resumption of work and hope to find suitable employees as soon as possible." 'he said.

As of February 24, Ouhai District regulation on (limit) enterprises have resumed work 1145, fully resumed work. (Wang Yanqiong and Zhang Wenzhe)

Yueqing: Precision intelligent control grassroots units continue to innovate

After entering the entrance of residential area, scan the health code, show the housing code, take temperature and disinfect, and then enter the residential area under the guidance of the landlord...

A few days ago, just from the home to return to the new Yueqing people small Jiang arrived at the east street Oyleigh Kiln economic cooperation, experienced a Yueqing village level of intelligent epidemic prevention. Through the "Le Flash Pass" code scanning inspection system, its health status and other information at a glance, realizing the "control key people, let go of healthy people".

"Le Flash Pass" check the entrance and exit

With the resumption of work and production, how to better strengthen the control of grass-roots units has become an important topic of epidemic prevention and control at the present stage, and also a difficulty in both prevention and control and work resumption. Recently, the grassroots unit intelligent fine prevention and control mechanism integrated research and development by the precision intelligent control special class of Yueqing City prevention and control leading group has been put on trial in the east of the city Oyli Liyao Economic Cooperative.

"Le Flash Pass" is one of the precision intelligent control systems of the basic unit, which is independently developed by Yueqing. By scanning the health code and screening the authenticity of the health code, the key personnel can be taken control measures in the first time to achieve accurate control.

Take Li Haiyao, the street in Chengdong where Jiang rented, as an example. It is a typical suburban area with a permanent resident population of more than 2,500 and a registered new residents of more than 1,300, among which 265 new residents are staying for the Spring Festival.

"We have more than 120 landlords and more than 600 rental rooms. With the resumption of work and production, it is expected that thousands of new Yueqing people will come back one after another." Lin Jiacheng, secretary of the General Party Branch of Oysterliyao Economic Cooperation and Development Association, introduced that through "Le Flash pass", "red code" and "yellow code" personnel were found in time, and timely centralized isolation and home isolation measures were made to let healthy people feel at ease in production and life, killing two birds with one stone.

The "housing code" controls rental housing

In addition, the local government also focuses on the application of "housing code" to ensure the implementation of the registration system of "one room, one yard" and realize intelligent and refined management and control of grass-roots units.

To be specific, it requires every landlord to scan the "Wenzhou housing code" and submit an application for renting a house. Oecd officials, grid workers and firefighters will visit the house for on-site verification at the first time, and the eligible rental houses will be assigned codes.

Landlords obtain their own "housing code" and share it with tenants for scanning. New residents can fill in their identity information, where they come from, work unit and other relevant information online through the "residence code" before moving in. They can rent with the "health code + valid certificate". That is to say, the new residents have registered in the online "cloud" before moving in, and the landlord has realized the "cloud audit" of the tenants.

"With this' housing code ', we can control key people and let go of healthy people, reducing the risk of face-to-face communication with tenants." Lao Chi, the landlord of Oyster-Liyao Economic Cooperation Association, said that through precision intelligent control, the health of residents can be screened, further strengthening the management of rental housing during the prevention and control period.

"So far, more than 50 new residents have returned to the kiln one after another through sophisticated intelligent control." Lin Jiacheng said that in addition to information registration, disinfection and other procedures, when returning residents enter residential areas for the first time, they also need to be greeted by the landlord at the entrance, fill out the Registration Form for "Three Return" personnel, and make daily registration of the temperature changes of the residents 14 days before returning, and report it to the grid staff, so as to timely track the physical conditions of the new residents.

Information monitoring public areas

Strengthening the intelligent inspection and control of "small door" and improving the control of "housing code" of rental houses are only part of Yueqing's efforts to strengthen integrated research and development to promote the precision intelligent control of grassroots units.

In order to achieve both prevention and control and resumption of work, Yueqing City, relying on the application of "health code", has intensified the research and development of precision intelligent control and practical application, promoted the normal construction of intelligent, refined, standardized and integrated epidemic prevention and control in grass-roots units, and firmly fought to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control and the initiative of development.

In terms of information monitoring in public areas, the "video surveillance + emergency loudspeaker" control mode has been implemented to improve the efficiency of control services.

At the same time, Yueqing also strengthened the "three electricity and one" intelligent control of home isolation. Through the construction of the "electronic monitoring + electronic seal + electronic temperature measuring bracelet +" Micro medical communication "remote diagnosis and treatment system" management and control service mode, intelligent wireless monitoring is installed at the door of the home quarantine objects, and they wear the electronic temperature measuring bracelet to provide "micro medical communication" remote diagnosis and treatment services. Real-time monitoring of abnormal body temperature and remote consultation services are provided.

It is understood that Yueqing City is exploring the establishment of a village-level intelligent and refined control mechanism for epidemic prevention on the basis of the pilot oycatcher Gray Kiln in Chengdong Street, which is being promoted in villages, communities, train stations, shopping malls, vegetable markets, schools and so on. (Jin Longjang and Kong Liqin)

Agricultural Bank of China: Fintech enables "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" to ensure spring farming

"After the Awakening of Insects Festival, spring ploughing can not rest". This is not only a special time for epidemic prevention and control, but also an important season for spring farming. Zhejiang Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau fully implemented the decisions and arrangements of the Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Zhejiang provincial government on epidemic prevention and control, and guided the banking and insurance institutions within its limits to further enhance the work of epidemic prevention and control and financial services to support the resumption of production.

In view of the difficulties of spring ploughing preparation and agricultural production recovery during the epidemic prevention and control period, Zhejiang Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau guides all banking financial institutions under its supervision to vigorously develop online service channels, make full use of financial technology, and promote online handling of the whole process of loan application, approval and issuance, so as to realize financial services "without running once" to the greatest extent. Wenzhou Bank Insurance Regulatory Bureau actively guides its banking institutions to provide more effective financial services in order to win the battle against the novel coronavirus outbreak and promote the recovery of agricultural production.

In Yongmei Village, Aojiang Town, Pingyang County, Xie Zuowen, a large citrus farmer, watched a video presentation by the account manager of the Agricultural Bank of China. At the same time, he handled the withdrawal of "Huinong e loan" on his mobile phone. In just a few minutes, the loan of 100,000 yuan was successfully received. "It's so convenient. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get a loan because of the impact of the epidemic. Now I don't have to go out, I can get a loan just by clicking my mobile phone. The convenient loan process, let Xie Zuowen was overjoyed.

"Huinong e Loan" is a key online product of Agricultural Bank's "No. 1 Project" of Internet service for agriculture, rural areas and farmers. During the epidemic prevention and control period, Agricultural Bank vigorously promoted this product. (Dong Haini)

Lake Mist: Set up a special class of door-to-door service to help businesses

In order to effectively grasp the work and production resumption of industrial enterprises and epidemic prevention and control work, recently, Yueqing Huwu Town quickly set up a special class for the work and production resumption of enterprises composed of team members and staff of relevant departments. For each enterprise, there is a "1+1+3" service team for the work and production resumption of enterprises (1 municipal commissioner +1 town team member +3 waiters to help enterprises). One-to-one guidance for enterprises to resume work and production.

It is understood that there are 3 enterprises in Lake Wuzhen, which are Wenzhou Guangxin Tourism Supplies Co., LTD., Yueqing Longxiang Tourism Supplies Co., LTD., Yueqing Hexing large band saw factory. In order to do a good job in supporting enterprises, members of the service team for the resumption of work and production came to the enterprises to deliver urgently needed epidemic prevention materials such as masks, ear warm guns and vehicle passes. At the same time, they explained the Operation Manual for the Resumption of work of Industrial Enterprises in Yueqing City on site and guided enterprises to submit corresponding applications for the resumption of work in a timely manner.

Through the special action of "door-to-door service, pro-business and pro-enterprise", the service group of Huwu Town assists enterprises to promote the orderly resumption of business. In recent days, the members of the enterprise service team went to each enterprise in the jurisdiction. In order to facilitate the Internet to set up a ledger, they sent the printed relevant materials to the enterprises, and guided the heads of the enterprises to fulfill their main responsibilities, take epidemic prevention and control measures, publicize the knowledge of epidemic prevention for each employee, and resume work and production after they were equipped with epidemic prevention supplies. At the same time, guide related personnel to improve the relevant ledger. (Chen Lu and Jiang Yunling)