Three new provincial enterprise research institutes in Ouhai District

2018-10-25 10:21:41 45

On October 23, the Provincial Science and Technology Department issued the Notice on the List of Provincial Enterprise Research Institutes to be Confirmed in 2018. Zhejiang Xingji Smart Grid Safety Control Technology Enterprise Research Institute, Ouhai Xingmei Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd.,Zhejiang Wanchao Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd.Provincial Research Institute and Wenzhou Chaolong Textile Machine Wenzhou Chaolong Textile Machinery Nonwovens Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is recognized as provincial enterprise research institute.It is understood that the newly recognized enterprise research institute, based on Ouhai traditional industry, takes the road of innovation and development of production, teaching and research, vigorously introduces and cultivates high-level technicians, studies and popularizes the use of high-tech and processing equipment to produce high-value-added products, further optimizes product structure, upgrades processing level and improves economic efficiency. So far, the number of provincial enterprise research institutes has reached 6, and this year's new increase is the highest in all years.

Since this year, Ouhai District has vigorously implemented the "1+1+10" Industrial Policy System of Ouhai District, and encouraged all kinds of innovative carriers, such as enterprise construction enterprise research institutes, which have good foundation, large scale and can lead innovation in the industry, to carry out technical research, product development and transformation of achievements. Science and technology innovation activities such as industrial incubation.

Through the cultivation and construction in recent years, Ouhai enterprise research institutes are gathering and integrating innovation elements with great advantages, creating an environment conducive to attracting, cultivating and applying innovative talents, and becoming an important part of the innovation system in the region.