Structure and Classification of Electric Window

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The electric window system consists of window, window glass elevator, motor, relay, switch and ECU. Among them, the glass elevator system is the main component of the electric window. According to the different working principles of the mechanical elevator, the glass elevator can be divided into three forms: rope wheel type, fork arm type and flexible shaft type. [1]


Two-way permanent magnet or winding series motor is commonly used in the windows. A motor is installed in each window to control its current direction by switching, so as to realize the window's rise and fall. In addition, in order to prevent motor overload, one or more thermistor circuit switches are installed in the circuit or motor to control the current. When the window glass rises to the limit position or can not move freely due to ice, even if the control switch is operated, the thermistor switch will automatically break the circuit to avoid motor switching on. Electricity lasts too long and burns out.

Electric glass elevator

The rope-wheel glass elevator is composed of pulleys, wire ropes, tensioners and tension pulleys. As shown in Figure 1, it controls the elevation of door and window glass by pulling wire ropes by driving motors. It can be used in various types of circular-arc glass vehicles, but it is mainly used in medium and high-grade cars with smaller glass arcs because of the large installation space requirements. And in high-end vans.

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The Fork-arm glass elevator is mainly composed of fan-shaped tooth plate, glass guide rail and regulator. As shown in Figure 2, the fan-shaped tooth plate rotates by ratchet wheel of driving motor to make the glass move up and down along the guide rail. It is mainly used in trucks, vans and mid-and low-grade cars with large glass arc.

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Soft-axle electric glass elevator can be used in various types of glass circular arc cars, as shown in Figure 3, but the operation noise is large, mainly used in vans with moderate glass circular arc and mid-and low-grade cars.

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The most commonly used glass elevators are rope wheel type and fork arm type. Whether cross arm type mechanism or rope wheel type mechanism is adopted in the design is determined by glass curvature, lifting space, manufacturing accuracy and cost.


The switch is composed of a main control switch and a sub-control switch. The main control switch in the electric window control system is used for the driver to control the electric window system in general. It is usually installed on the left front door handle or near the transmission lever. The control switch is installed in the middle of each door or on the door handle for passengers to control the window.