Basic Composition of Reversing Radar

2017-11-13 14:56:21 6

Reversing Radar, which is called "Reversing Anti-collision Radar", is also called "Parking Assistant Device". It mainly consists of ultrasonic sensors, controllers and monitors.


Reversing radar is a safety assistant device when parking or reversing a car. It can tell the driver about obstacles by sound or more intuitive display. It can relieve the trouble caused by the driver's left and right visits when parking, reversing and starting the car, and help the driver to clear up the defects of dead angle of vision and blurred sight.

Basic composition

Reversing radar is mainly composed of ultrasonic sensors, controllers, monitors or buzzers.

1. Ultrasound sensor: The main function is to send and receive the ultrasonic signal, and then input the signal into the host computer, which is displayed by the display device.

2. Controller: Processing the signal, calculating the distance and orientation between the car body and obstacles.

3. Display or buzzer: When the sensor detects the dangerous distance between the car and the obstacle, the system will alert the driver through the display and buzzer.