Quxi Street Non-state-owned Enterprises Party Construction Promotion Conference and Party Branch Secretary Training Conference held in Zhejiang Wanchao Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd.

2012-05-18 11:13:23 7

On May 17, 2012, the Party Construction Promotion Meeting and Party Branch Secretary Training Meeting for Non-State-owned Enterprises in Quxi Street, Ouhai District was held in Zhejiang Wanchao Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. Huang Wanhua, Vice Director of the Organizational Departments of the Organizational Departments of the Municipal Party Committee and Ying Zhanyu, two new Section Chiefs of the Organizational Departments of the Ouhai District Committee, attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Li Le, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of Quxi Street. Nearly 60 members of the Party branch secretary and community Secretary of the non-public enterprises of Quxi Street participated in the meeting.

At the promotion meeting, the PPT slides of the Party branch of Zhejiang Wanchao Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. were broadcast. Comrade Zhang Mingfen, Secretary of the Party Branch of the company, made a typical speech entitled "Developing pioneering activities to promote enterprise innovation and development". Pan Xinmin, Secretary of the Party Branch of Zhejiang Donghua Industrial Co., Ltd., introduced the situation of the company's pioneering activities. Lin Dan, Deputy Secretary of the Party and Labor Committee of Quxi Street, summarized the pioneering activities of non-public enterprises in the preceding paragraph. The next step of Party building in non-public enterprises has been deployed, especially the Guiding Opinions of the Street Party and Labor Committee on "Red Bridgehead" in Party building in non-public economic organizations and social organizations.

At the training meeting, Huang Wanhua, deputy director of the two new branches of the Organizational Department of the Municipal Committee, gave a brilliant explanation from four aspects: the spirit of the National Conference on Party Construction of Non-public Economic Organizations, the responsibilities of grass-roots Party organizations in non-public enterprises, the carrier of activities of Party organizations in non-public enterprises and the standardization work of Party organizations in non-public enterprises. The report, with its theoretical examples, vivid language and brilliant content, was warmly welcomed by the participants.