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Wenzhou people became the first "crab eater" in China again this year: 25 private enterprises issued a "recruitment order" for the Secretary of the election party organization to the whole country, with an annual salary of up to 200,000 yuan. Finally, 27 out of 1205 candidates from all over the country were selected. Relevant Central Leaders'Instructions: This is a bold and innovative move.

Relative to the "CEO" who is in charge of enterprise management, the organizational department vividly calls the Party organization secretary who leads the party construction work in non-public enterprises "Red CEO". In July this year, these "red CEOs" signed a collective contract with private enterprises, received induction training and came into office after the election process within the Party. What course have they gone through in five months?

Questionnaire survey: "Red CEO" satisfied more than 80% of the votes

Twenty-seven "red CEOs" came from 13 provinces, such as Zhejiang, Shanxi and Jiangsu. They used to work in institutions, institutions or state-owned enterprises. Today, most of Wenzhou's private enterprises have an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan, which is a growing enterprise with a stable development and a good foundation for Party building.

On December 30, in order to understand the working conditions of these "red CEOs" in Wenzhou private enterprises, Wenzhou Metropolitan Daily sent two kinds of questionnaires to "red CEOs" and their enterprises. Among them, 230 questionnaires were sent out to business owners, senior managers, Party members, employee representatives and 210 valid questionnaires were collected.

For the performance of "Red CEO", 40% chose "very satisfied", "satisfied" 49%, general 9% and "unsatisfactory" 2%. Choose the "very satisfied" or "satisfied" ones, and most recognize the theoretical level and organizational coordination ability of the "red CEO"; choose the "general" or "unsatisfactory" ones, and think that they are difficult to integrate into the new environment and the old working methods.

Which of the "Red CEO" of "Airborne" has more advantages than the former Party organization secretary? Thirty-six percent of the respondents thought that the former had better organizational coordination ability, and 32 percent of the respondents thought that the theoretical level of "Red CEO" was slightly better.

Does the new "Red CEO" exist the phenomenon of "acclimatization"? 20% chose "yes". Dai Jianzhong, chairman of Wenzhou Jinou Hotel Management Co., Ltd., said that when Hong Huihai, the "Red CEO", first arrived at the company, some of the practices were "out of step" with him. Later, they had a private "heart-to-heart" meeting. Now the two sides are gradually entering the "honeymoon period".

How does "Red CEO" view its performance? Of the 20 valid questionnaires retrieved, more than 90% of the respondents thought that they had integrated into the new environment; 72% thought that the boss attached great importance to Party building, could fully listen to the views of Party organizations, the funds for Party building were guaranteed, and no one chose not to pay attention to it; 55% of the respondents said that they intended to stay in the enterprise after the expiration of the contract, and the rest of the forms It depends.

Business Boss: Spending Money to Buy Cohesion

Wenzhou Boss, who has always been a "practical" employer, hires "Red CEO" at a high salary. What is the return? The campaign of "Red CEO" candidates from the organizational departments and private enterprises jointly to the national sea election has once aroused heated discussion from all walks of life.

Wenzhou Zhongyi Group is one of the eight enterprises that offer 200,000 yuan annual salary. Although there are some doubts about the high salary of hiring "Red CEO", Jiang Zhongyi, chairman of the board, believes that not everyone can take the money away, and investing "small money" in Party building can get "big money". When the Group invested in Zhongyi High-tech Park, it saved more than 10 million yuan for enterprises because of the participation of Party organizations in decision-making and process optimization. This year, a valve manufacturer affiliated to the Group, due to management problems, there are seven equipment in the workshop "lying down" for more than four months. He sent Liu Yu to coordinate, and in less than half a month, the machine was running normally.

For more than five months, Jiang Zhongyi was very satisfied with Liu Yu, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group and former vice-minister of the Propaganda Department of the Xiangcheng Committee of Henan Province. Nowadays, in the work of Party building in enterprises, he accomplishes "speaking at every meeting, understanding difficulties and ensuring funds", and specially equips Liu Yu with special cars and drivers.

Some enterprises like Liu Yu's "old hot" style, while others like the "post-80s" mouldability. Sun Liang, the "Red CEO" of Xuanda Industrial Group Co., Ltd., is not only in charge of Party building, but also in charge of human resources. Chairman Ip Chien-xuan said that most of the young people in the company are of the same age as Sun Liang, who is more suitable for the position than the elderly.

Through five months of cooperation, many entrepreneurs believe that hiring a "red CEO" at a high salary is actually a real need to spend money to "buy" cohesion and use cohesion to stimulate productivity. "Enterprise Party organization secretary, like the army political commissar, can play the role of cohesion, improve combat effectiveness, through the Party organization gates selected talents more assured." Jiang Zhongyi said so.

Experts: They are the promoters of the new culture of private enterprises

It is not the first time that Wenzhou has "tasted fresh" in the field of non-public party building. In 1987, Wenzhou set up the first Party branch of non-public enterprises in the whole province; in 2008, the "Red-collar Plan" was launched to open up the country's first river, recruiting university students as party workers in non-public enterprises openly, and solving the difficult problems of "green and yellow" non-public enterprise party personnel. Organizational departments said that the "red CEO" and "red collar" complement each other, forming a non-public party building talent echelon.

Zhao Xiaoben, Director of the New Economic Organization Party Construction Department of the Organizational Department of the Municipal Party Committee, said that these "red CEOs" have their own magic power. Around the economy, they focus on Party building and promote the development of Party building, playing an irreplaceable role for other talents in enterprises, laying a solid foundation for exploring the market-oriented personnel selection and employment mechanism for Party affairs in the future.

"This is an innovation of Wenzhou in Integrating Ideological and political work resources by using market rules." Gong Maohong, who has been engaged in Party building theory research for a long time, said that high-quality "red CEOs" enter private enterprises. As planners, organizers and promoters of Ideological and political work in enterprises, they are conducive to improving the management level of private enterprises and promoting their better development.

Gong Maohong believed that for a long time, the culture of some local private enterprises could not get rid of the fetters of "familiarization" and "bosses". Wenzhou private enterprises selected "Red CEO" by sea and consciously imported new cultural disseminators. Over time, they will promote the cultural value orientation of private enterprises and the mainstream cultural value of society. The integration of these two factors has led to the emergence of a new culture of China's private enterprises.