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On-site interview for secretary of Party organizations in non-public enterprises. (Photo by Liu Wei)


On June 19, our city held an interview for publicly recruiting non-public enterprise Party organization secretaries nationwide. Under the organization of organizational departments, 202 selected entrants from all over the country made face-to-face "blind dates" with 25 Wenzhou private enterprises to compete for 25 "red CEO" positions.

At about 8 a.m. that day, reporters in the interview point of the city finance and taxation school saw that 12 interview rooms were posted with seals. After verification of identity and storage of communication tools, the interviewer determines the interview sequence number by two lots and enters the waiting area, which is then guided by the staff into the interview room for interview.

At about 9 o'clock, reporters were allowed to enter one of the interview rooms to listen. Reporters found that the test questions were open on the spot, and each candidate had to answer orally three questions of the unified system of the recruitment office and one additional question of the enterprise within 20 minutes. In addition to scoring the candidates'answers, the judges should also give "qualifications" based on the candidates' age, educational background, work experience and job matching degree. The two points are added up to a 100-point interview score. The average score of the five judges, that is, the candidates'interview results, will be announced on the spot.

Zhao Xiaoben, Director of the New Economic Organizations Party Construction Department of the Organizational Department of the Municipal Committee, told reporters that the use of "3+1" test questions is a concrete measure to achieve the organic combination of organizational checks and enterprise selection. The three proposals focus on examinees'Party work experience and ability to analyze and solve problems. Additional questions are selected by enterprises according to their own conditions and positions. Flexible determination of location requirements, etc. The interview results, which are grouped by 35% of the qualifications and 65% of the answers, are to evaluate the candidates'speaking and doing level more comprehensively, taking into account their oral expression ability, work performance and experience.

The interview questions on the 19th day are quite practical, such as how to organize Party members'activities when "July 1st" is approaching but the production tasks of enterprises are busy; how to deal with the "small circle" problem to enhance internal harmony when employees come from all over the world; and how to play a coordinating role in employers and employees when labor disputes arity arise. Chen Zengxin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Kangnai Group, who serves as the judge, said that many excellent talents were found through interviews. If they can take root in Wenzhou, it will help to promote the Party building of non-public enterprises in our city to a new level. Lin Xiaomin, the chairman of Zhengjie Industrial Electric Co., Ltd. and the recruiting enterprise, said that participating in the recruitment is the need for enterprises to enhance their development. He hoped that through interviews and follow-up field visits and interviews, outstanding talents would be attracted to stay and help enterprises to promote Party building.

After a one-day interview on the 19th day, five candidates were selected for each position according to the principle that the interview results ranged from high to low. With the same score, these 128 people will go to all the enterprises on the 20th day for qualification review, on-the-spot investigation and consultation with the enterprises, and ultimately a candidate will be determined by the enterprises to sign a letter of intent.

(Pan Xiuhui, reporter of Wenzhou Daily)

Interview Question "3+1" Model

The interview questions on the 19th day are divided into two parts: A in the morning and B in the afternoon. The interview time for each candidate is 20 minutes, including the time for preparing and answering questions.

A volume

The first topic is about: What kind of idea do you have to apply for a job? If you were appointed secretary of a party organization in a non-public enterprise, how would you carry out the party building work?

The second topic is about: July 1st is coming. Enterprise Party organizations are going to hold a party member activity, but the production task of enterprises is very busy. As the Secretary of enterprise Party organizations, what kind of Party member theme activities will you arrange? How to develop?

The third topic is about: the employees of an enterprise come from all over the country, contradictions and conflicts and other disharmonious phenomena occur from time to time. In view of this situation, as the Secretary of the Party organization, how would you deal with it?

B volume

The first topic is about: What advantages do you think you have for the Party construction work in non-public enterprises when you participate in the open recruitment of secretary candidates for Party organizations in non-public enterprises? If you are a secretary of the Party organization in an enterprise, how can you find out the orientation of the Party organization and give full play to its role?

The second topic is about: At present, the whole Party is carrying out the activities of pioneering and excellence. If not a long time ago, you participated in the meeting of the deployment of pioneering and excellence activities of the higher Party organizations as the Secretary of the enterprise party organizations, how would you organize this important activity in your enterprise?

Wenzhou has finished the interview for the candidate of Party organization secretary in non-public enterprises for the whole country. According to the rules of the recruitment procedure, the recruitment office determines the two-way selection of candidates according to the interview results and the principle of 5:1 ratio for each position from high to low. The list of two-way selection candidates is announced as follows (sorted by surname strokes):




5. Secretary of Party Organization of Zhejiang Wanchao Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. Zhang Mingfen, Chen Jianxin (Zhejiang), Zhao Zhihua, Zhao Zengxun and Lacquer Longzhong.



On June 20, the Recruitment Office will organize the selected candidates to go to various recruitment enterprises, do a good job of two-way selection, and confirm a candidate to sign a letter of intent (at the same time, one candidate).