Wanchao Electric Appliances is facing the whole country to recruit Party Secretary

2010-05-19 14:27:18 21

Wenzhou is one of the earliest cities in China to carry out Party building in non-public enterprises, which has made innovations in Party building in non-public enterprises. On May 18, at a press conference held by the Organizational Department of the Municipal Party Committee, it was revealed that our city would publicly recruit 25 non-public enterprise party secretary candidates for the whole country. It is the first time in the country to recruit Party secretaries from non-public enterprises in a unified way.

"The Secretary of Party organization in an enterprise is a compound talent who is familiar with Party affairs and enterprise management. His quality and ability directly affect the level of Party building in an enterprise." Li Jian, spokesman of the Organizational Department of the Municipal Party Committee, said that the quality and ability of some Party secretaries in enterprises are not compatible with the development of enterprises, which has become a "bottleneck" restricting the promotion of Party building in non-public enterprises.

On the basis of voluntary declaration by enterprises and through screening, the Party Secretary posts of 25 non-public enterprises with strong willingness, large scale and good Party building foundation are selected by the Organizational Department of the Municipal Party Committee for the whole country. Li Jian said that the organization set up a platform, enterprise selection, enterprise participation in the whole process of selection, with complete autonomy. Organizational departments will also provide pre-job training, follow-up management, follow-up supporting services to help recruits integrate into the enterprise as soon as possible.

Recruitment will be launched later this month, including registration and qualification examination, expert interviews, two-way selection, organizational inspection, enterprise recruitment and other steps. The annual salary offered by the enterprise is between 50,000 yuan and 200,000 yuan. The final salary should be determined after two-way interview.

Huadi Steel Group Co., Ltd., which specializes in the production of various stainless steel materials, ranks first in the country for three consecutive years in seamless steel pipe production. This time, we need to recruit a secretary and administrative manager of the Party branch. "Party members are basically the backbone of all departments." Wang Di, chairman of the group, said that the company established its Party branch in 2001, with more than 20 Party members. Under the new situation, enterprises need a person who knows both party affairs and business management.

In the process of development, many non-public entrepreneurs feel the weight of the Party organization and the value of the secretary. If Zhengtai Group established the Party Committee in December 1998, it was the earliest non-public enterprise in Wenzhou to establish the Party Committee. Nan Cunhui, chairman of Zhengtai Group, said that Zhengtai Group has always attached great importance to Party building in non-public enterprises and regarded successive Party committee secretaries as "teachers" and "the backbone of the core". Since April last year, the CPC Committee of Zhengtai Group has carried out in-depth study and practice of the scientific concept of development. According to the actual situation, it has sorted out more than 340 problems concerning the production, technology, quality and management of the Group. After rectification, it has achieved direct economic benefits of nearly 100 million yuan.

It is understood that Wenzhou's non-public economy is developed, and the party building of non-public enterprises is at the forefront of the whole province and even the whole country. In August 1987, Ruian Zhenzhong Construction Machinery Factory established the first Party branch of non-public enterprises in our province. At present, 4227 non-public enterprises in Wenzhou have established Party organizations, including 40 Party committees and 36 Party branches, totaling 32,000 Party members. More than 100% of enterprises of scale have established Party organizations. The Party organizations cover 16,000 non-public enterprises. The total number of non-public enterprises'Party organizations ranks first in prefecture-level cities in China.