Announcement of Ouhai Famous Brand Products in 2009

2010-03-09 11:46:51 12

People's governments of towns, sub-district offices, directly affiliated units of district governments, and municipalities stationed in Ouhai work units:

According to the Regulations on the Evaluation and Management of Ouhai Brand-name Products, the Office of the Leading Group of Ouhai Brand-strong District organizes professional evaluation and comprehensive evaluation of relevant departments, and extensively solicits social opinions. After deliberation and determination by all members of the Leading Group of Ouhai Brand-strong District, Zhejiang Wanchao Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. The 12 products declared by 10 enterprises are Ouhai famous brand products in 2009, which are now announced.

Enterprises wishing to win the title of Ouhai famous brand products will further intensify technological innovation, improve quality management level, promote the scale and grade of products, and develop in a higher brand direction, making greater contributions to the strategic construction of Ouhai's "quality standing area and strong brand area".

Annex: List of Ouhai Famous Brand Products in 2009

March 9, 2010


Combination switch, the switch, car skylight, mirrors, electric glass, remote control, reversing radar, a key to keyless entry and start system, ignition lock, car body control module (BCM)