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■On May 24, the Ouhai Family Planning Bureau held a celebration meeting to commemorate the 27th anniversary of the founding of the China Family Planning Association and the launching ceremony of the one-yuan donation of "reproductive care". It is reported that 34 families with family planning difficulties, such as "reproductive care" targets and girls, were given grants and condolences, totaling 29,000 yuan.

■On May 18, the Ouhai District Political Consultative Conference, the District Population and Family Planning Bureau, the District Family Planning Association and the Quxi Town People's Government jointly launched the "May 29" Fertility Care Medical Consultation and Free Diagnosis Activity. The event provided on-site free clinics and consultation and publicity for employees of Zhejiang Wanchao Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. and other enterprises. A total of more than 300 free clinics were conducted. Among them, 8 patients with thyroid gland and 1 patient with hypertension were found. More than 300 family planning publicity materials were distributed and more than 2000 prizes were awarded.

■On May 23, Huanglong Street of Lucheng District launched a service activity on the theme of "Procreation and inheritance hope, care and concomitant harmony". More than 500 members of family planning associations and residents nearby participated in the activity. Activities include family planning knowledge counseling, legal counseling, family planning knowledge questions and answers, and provide free clinics and free shoe repair services for the masses. Staff members also use banners, propaganda pages, publicity materials, award-winning questions and answers and other forms to integrate the various policies, so that the broad masses of people while appreciating, receives education imperceptibly (as shown above).

■Recently, more than 100 people, including building leaders and associations members of Maple and Birch Community Organizations in Shuixin Street, Lucheng District, studied the Decision of the Central Committee in the "member house" of the community, and invited Zheng Wei, Secretary-General of the Street Family Planning Association, to give lectures. In addition, Shuixin Street Camellia Community Neighborhood Committee also invited Dr. Ye Furong, former deputy director of Wenzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, to hold lectures on family planning health knowledge for women of childbearing age and members of family planning associations.

■On May 19, Nanmen Street of Lucheng District conducted free inspection activities for nearly 200 only-child special poor households in its jurisdiction. Twelve doctors from Nanmen Hospital and Ye Tongren were invited to set up six service items: internal medicine, surgery, facial features, ophthalmology, vital capacity measurement, height and weight measurement. In the course of diagnosis, a health consulting room was set up, which provided some children with health problems according to their physical examination forms. Rational table of dietary nutrition.

■Recently, the Hongdian Street of Lucheng District has launched a theme activity of "the hope of reproductive inheritance, care and concomitant harmony", which has set off a climax of family planning publicity services in its jurisdiction. Contents include: a street service activities, members of the association door-to-door distribution of family planning propaganda, training courses, warmth and other activities. In addition, on the morning of May 16, more than 60 women of childbearing age in Hongdian Street Huiqiao Community organized a lecture on reproductive care knowledge. Director Wang Lin of Wenzhou Oriental Women's Hospital was invited to teach health knowledge to women of childbearing age.

■On May 16, the Dawn Street Family Planning Association of Lucheng District organized more than 70 members of the association to carry out the Zongzi Competition (as shown below) and one yuan donation activities. After the event, more than 60 zongzi produced by the competition were presented to the low-income family planning households in the community, and then the family planning cadres in the streets and villages went door-to-door to send the provincial family planning association's "Initiative on Actively Participating in the Action of Reproductive Care" to the homes of each member of the family planning association in the community, advocating everyone to contribute. Give a little love and raise money for the Reproductive Care Initiative. In addition, on the afternoon of May 16, Dawn Street also organized more than 100 members of the Family Planning Association to study the Decision.

■On May 25, Laifumen, Songtai and Zhangfuji communities in Lianchi Street of Lucheng District invited oncologists from the Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine to give lectures on women's health knowledge for women of childbearing age.

■On the morning of May 19, Lucheng Southern Suburb Family Planning Association launched a street activity at the entrance of Niushan North Road Passenger Transport Center. It distributed propaganda materials and contraceptives to the people in the past. On the spot, prize-winning knowledge questions and answers were also conducted, which were in various forms and rich in content, and were well received by the people.

■On the morning of May 18, the community of Jiangbin Street Family Planning Association of Lucheng District launched the "May 29" Family Planning Association propaganda and service activities in the "Shuangyong" Square. The event organizes Ye Tongren Pharmacy, Wenzhou Tianming Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Tianbai Law Firm and other units to conduct free health examinations for women of childbearing age, blood pressure and blood sugar.

■On May 21, the Family Planning Association of Shuangyu Town in Lucheng District organized Wuma Hospital, Fucheng Beauty and Hair Training Center and United Municipal Cultural Bureau to hold a large-scale publicity campaign and a large-scale literary and artistic performance on the theme of "Procreation and inheritance hope, care and concomitant harmony" in the Shoe Du Cultural Square. The event is diverse in form and rich in content, attracting more than 20,000 spectators.