Announcement of Pre-selected List of Taxpayers in Ouhai District in 2009

2010-02-09 13:11:16 16

In accordance with the spirit of Document No. 8 issued by Ouwei Committee and the actual amount of tax and fee put into storage in that year, combined with other social responsibilities undertaken by enterprises, and on the basis of preliminary examination by the relevant departments of the district and comprehensive evaluation by the district selection team, the District Committee and the district government intend to award the following taxpayers the "tax meritorious ministers" and "tax payers" in 2009. Honorary title. In order to enhance transparency and ensure the openness, fairness and impartiality of the selection work, the relevant information of pre-selected taxpayers is publicized as follows.

If you have any objection to the results of the preliminary selection, please feedback your comments to the Ouhai District People's Government Office before February 11.

Contact person: Ji Jianyi, tel: 88512013, 13819747007

Office of the Ouhai District Committee of Wenzhou Municipality of the Communist Party of China

Wenzhou Ouhai District People's Government Office

February 9, 2010

Pre-selected List of Taxpayers and Major Taxpayers in 2009

Tax official

Combination switch, the switch, car skylight, mirrors, electric glass, remote control, reversing radar, a key to keyless entry and start system, ignition lock, car body control module (BCM)