"Refuse Pyramid Marketing, Start with Me" Propaganda Activities Into Private Enterprises

2009-10-27 13:20:38 13

On October 23, Sanxi Industry and Commerce Institute and Sanxi People's Association Branch launched a campaign on the theme of "refuse pyramid selling, start with me" in Zhejiang Wanchao Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. By issuing anti-pyramid brochures, posting anti-pyramid posters, explaining the harmfulness of pyramid marketing, publicizing laws and regulations on pyramid marketing and judging pyramid marketing and disguised pyramid marketing organizations to more than 900 employees of enterprises, a lively propaganda and education lesson was given to employees of enterprises. It is reported that this is also the first stop of Sanxi Institute's publicity campaign of "refusing pyramid sales to enter private enterprises" this year.

In recent years, pyramid marketing and disguised pyramid marketing activities have developed and spread in some places, with very bad impact. On the same day, industrial and commercial law enforcement officers introduced the nature and harmfulness of pyramid selling to enterprise employees, so that they could understand pyramid selling as an "economic cult". At the same time, while distributing the brochure of refusing pyramid selling on the spot, the staff organized to concentrate on studying the relevant laws, regulations and policies of pyramid selling, notified the current situation of combating pyramid selling and disguised pyramid selling, deeply analyzed the changes and new characteristics of pyramid selling and disguised pyramid selling activities, and reminded the masses to raise their vigilance and strengthen their own prevention. 。 Employees of enterprises should be reminded to report pyramid selling and disguised pyramid selling to local industrial and commercial and public security organs in a timely manner.

After the meeting, the employees of Zhejiang Wanchao Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd.said that through such a centralized training, the original vague concept of pyramid marketing has been finally clarified. Later encounter pyramid selling or disguised pyramid selling behavior, also know how to distinguish and refuse.