When Wang Changrong came to Ouhai for investigation, he pointed out that Party building should be emphasized to promote development.

2009-07-24 13:28:15 9

Yesterday, Wang Changrong, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee and Minister of Organizations, came to our district to investigate the construction of grass-roots Party organizations and social and economic development. Xie Zaoxing, Secretary of the district committee, Li Xiuzhen, vice secretary and director of the district committee, and Xiang Youguo, Standing Committee and organizing Minister of the district committee, accompanied the investigation.

Wang Changrong went to Xianyan Industrial Park of Ouhai Economic Development Zone and the construction site of Ouhai City Center. After listening to the general planning report of the construction of the central area and inspecting the progress of the construction of the central area on the spot, Wang Changrong said that the planning of the central area of Ouhai City is reasonable and perfect, and the business blocks in the planning are large and relatively concentrated. China will certainly provide impetus for Ouhai's sustainable economic growth. The construction of Ouhai city center will become the new hope of Ouhai development.

Wang Changrong also investigates the construction of grass-roots Party organizations in Baixiang Village, Nanbaixiang Street and Zhejiang Wanchao Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. He pointed out that we should actively play the role of the Party member service center position and promote ideological and political construction with high standards and requirements. Staff members of grass-roots organizations, especially village cadres, should strengthen their study, pay more attention to management and serve the masses. We should actively and better play the role of grass-roots Party organizations and provide strong organizational guarantee for the steady and rapid development of social economy.