Enhancing the Service Function of Economic Reporting (Wu Yuan-Learning Experience)

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Improving the Service Function of Economic Reporting by Practicing Scientific Outlook on Development

Wu Yuan

General Secretary Hu Jintao pointed out in his exposition of the scientific outlook on development that under the circumstances of increasingly close links between domestic and international markets, we must foster global strategic awareness, implement a win-win strategy of opening-up, focus on transforming the mode of growth of foreign trade and comprehensively improve the level of opening-up. Therefore, in today's economic globalization, as a news media practitioners should also adapt to this requirement, with a global perspective to examine the local economic imagination, with a development perspective of rational analysis of the problems in development, and strive to enhance the service of economic reporting.

However, there are still many problems in reviewing the economic reports we have made in the past. The main manifestations are as follows: first, the repetition of themes and the existence of cliche; second, we like to use digital masonry and rarely use specific examples to speak; third, we are too professional to copy the discussions of experts and scholars, which is difficult for the general audience to understand. To a certain extent, the existence of these problems makes economic reports lack of speculative color and depth of thought.

1. Look at the local economic imagination from the perspective of the world

First, in order to do a good job in economic reporting, we must change the traditional perspective of observation, locate and examine various phenomena and problems in the local economic field in the new coordinates of the whole country and even the whole world, and rationally analyze them in the context of globalization, so as to avoid the micro-reporting of sitting in a well and observing the sky. In fact, looking back on our previous economic reports, we have done a good job in the city, the province, and even the whole country, all of which were considered and excavated under the background of the economy at that time. For example, the restructuring of Jinzhou Group is an exploratory report on how state-owned enterprises survive and develop under the circumstances of the market-oriented reform in our country. So what impresses us most is the pioneer of the restructuring of state-owned enterprises. For example, the virtual management of Senma enterprises, the management concept of Xiaohe Manchu and Guansheng enterprises'going out strategy are all typical examples we excavated under the background of promoting the innovation of management mode and caring for employees to build a harmonious enterprise. Therefore, in the context of the current financial crisis, we must also base our economic reporting on this reality. To further understand the government's policy of supporting enterprises and helping enterprises, enterprises'confidence and measures to cope with the crisis.

Second, to do a good job in economic news reporting, we must have a thorough understanding of the "two ends", the top one is the bottom one. We should have a thorough understanding of the spirit of "going up" (the economic policies issued by governments at all levels) and the facts of "going down" (the actual situation of enterprise development). The so-called "top" is because our country's various reforms are from top to bottom in theory and policy. The major policies and policies are formulated by the central government and then implemented step by step. In the end, many enterprises do not know what the contents of these policies are, how to implement them and how to help them. This requires us to interpret them. Reported that this has done a good job to help enterprises is very big. Because policy is a kind of resource, the adjustment of policy means the adjustment of interests. Deep understanding and rational use of relevant policies and rules sometimes become a basic dependence of an enterprise or a region to win the initiative. The formulation of every economic policy and the adjustment of every rule give birth to tremendous business opportunities. Through in-depth analysis and interpretation of economic policies and rules by the media, the audience can enhance the rationality of decision-making through their reports, grasp the economic situation and market opportunities, obtain economic information related to their interests, optimize decision-making and accelerate development. For "Xia", we should go deep into enterprises and make typical guided reports, which have enlightened and drawn lessons from other enterprises. For example, in recent years, our foreign trade exports in Jinzhou have fallen sharply throughout the country and the city. 

2. Analyzing new problems and phenomena in the economic field from the rational perspective of development

In today's world, economic activities are diverse and economic phenomena are intricate. We must dissect the sparrows through exploratory reporting, remove the false and retain the true, and report them in the form of internal news reference, which is not easy to make public. For example, enterprises in the financial crisis are facing difficulties in financing first, although our country is liberalizing credit and increasing liquidity. But it is still very difficult for enterprises to get loans. We all know that the financial crisis is actually a credit crisis. We don't believe anyone. Loans must be difficult. Therefore, we can do some forward-looking exploratory reports on enterprise financing, such as whether we can divide the land and housing of enterprises and issue several more property rights certificates without changing the legal person of enterprises. Like a business, his entire property is worth 100 million yuan, and now he has to borrow 20 million yuan, and the property certificate is mortgaged. But if he wants to borrow next, there will be no real estate certificate to mortgage, and he will encounter the problem of refinancing. If there were two, he could borrow 70 million dollars twice at a 70% loan rate. There are also the problems of annual capital inspection, such as substantive backward and backward three problems, which can not be reported publicly, but can be reported in the form of internal reference, through the form of news investigation, pointing out his rationality, or what necessary breakthroughs need to be made at the policy level, where are the advantages and disadvantages. I think these reports are useful appeals for the development of enterprises under the current financial crisis.

3. Improving the ways and means of reporting and improving the effect of communication

We say that economic reports should not only be read by others, but also be understood by everyone. It is best to see what has been learned and draw lessons from them. Nowadays, with the awakening of public investment awareness and the increasing participation of enterprises in international competition, people are no longer satisfied with listening to a few figures and looking at several typical cases. For example, we report on the economic situation of the whole region in the first two months of this year. If we report several figures such as economic growth rate, industrial investment rate, export rate of foreign trade, credit growth rate and so on, we can't get any useful information from them. We need deeper and more thorough analysis and reporting to understand the development situation and judge the economic trend. So now economic reporting should not only be a simple benefit + measure, but also have something to do with you, what impact it will bring to you, and effectively enhance the service function of news. But the service function of this point I think the local media, including the municipal level, is a short leg. This is mainly because our journalists and editors do not have enough economic knowledge, and lack of professional organizations to help analyze. Yesterday, when I wrote here, I thought of a problem. If a company has a lawsuit, it can go to a law firm. We can also interview lawyers about the legal issues we encounter in our reports, so that they can say who is legal after all. So I am thinking about our government in the current financial crisis. Can we rely on universities or encourage intermediaries to set up economic firms similar to those serving the development of enterprises, especially to provide information collection, industry development analysis, development planning and other services for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises? Why should I mention SMEs in particular here, because large enterprises and large groups themselves should have very professional economic analysis team and development planning team. But he can't be a small and medium-sized enterprise. At the regional forum, Professor Sun Jialiang of Zhejiang University also said that the financial crisis was once in a century, and our second and third generation entrepreneurs grew up after the reform and opening up, and they had not encountered setbacks or strikes similar to the financial crisis. So many enterprises are baked at this time and don't know how to deal with it, especially small and medium-sized enterprises. For example, like ordinary citizens who invest in stocks and funds, the fund company has a team of fund managers and analysts who know when to sell and when to buy. But retail investors and small and medium-sized investors are different. Today, they are going up or down sharply. He doesn't know what it is. So he will look at the financial reports urgently to find out the answer, and then decide whether to keep holding or sell stocks out tomorrow. But this is his own thinking behind closed doors, a person to make a decision, sometimes may have caught a life-saving straw, sometimes caught may be the last straw to crush the camel. The same is true for small and medium-sized enterprises, so it is necessary to establish similar economic firms, which can solve the doubts and doubts about the development of enterprises.

To enhance the serviceability of economic reports, we must make news reports forward-looking, extract the meaning of economic events through advanced analysis, make a prediction in line with reality and development trend, write guiding news, reveal the law of development and change, and extract the puzzled people. For some pointing.

May 2, 2009