Constructing Vigorous and Harmonious Enterprises and Creating a Stable and Harmonious Atmosphere

2009-01-06 13:39:20 19

On December 31, the employees of Zhejiang Wanchao Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. gathered together to sing and dance together to enjoy a New Year's Eve party, which was compiled and performed by the employees themselves.

At the evening party, Zhejiang Wanchao Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.  employees demonstrated their "Wanchao Spirit" with vigorous and vigorous efforts through wonderful performances such as songs, dances, sketches, cross talk and speeches. It is worth mentioning that 30 employees wearing "Wenchuan, Wanchao Heart-to-Heart" T-shirts hold candles and sing a song "We Heart Together" to express the feelings of all Wanchao employees of the people in Wenchuan earthquake-stricken areas. At the same time, the company put 86 tables of wine banquet on the scene of the evening party for all employees, thanking them for their outstanding performance in the past year.

Zhejiang Wanchao Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. has been appraised as a vibrant and harmonious enterprise in Wenzhou since 2008. It adheres to the principle of "people-oriented" and cultivates Wanchao enterprise culture. Through a series of humanistic management measures, it establishes the emotional bond between the company and its employees, unites and unites all employees to create a stable and harmonious atmosphere for the enterprise and create Wanchao Geng. A beautiful tomorrow.