Accelerating transformation and upgrading and seeking new development

2008-12-26 13:40:09 9

The construction of Jinzhou Industrial Park paves the way for its integrated development of industry and trade.

Since this year, under the background of economic globalization, profound changes have taken place in the international and domestic situation, the resource elements and environmental constraints have become increasingly prominent, and the structural and quality contradictions of private economy have accumulated. Influenced by the global financial crisis, private enterprises in our region are facing many difficulties because resources and markets are "on both sides". Faced with pressure, difficulties and challenges, the vast number of enterprises in our region carry forward the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, seek opportunities in difficult situations, and actively respond to them, launching a big battle to face difficulties, transform and upgrade.

Promoting Industrial Transition and Exploiting Development Space

Enterprises will focus on new energy, new materials and other high-tech industries, open up new space for development, embark on a new industrialization road of industrial transformation and upgrading, and achieve product renewal and replacement. After three years of research and development, Neutral Group has successfully produced photovoltaic module packaging film. After testing, it can completely replace imported products and realize the industrial transformation from traditional locking to solar power generation. Zhejiang Dalishi Industrial Co., Ltd. has invested a lot in recent years. It has successfully developed a series of automotive electronic intelligent instruments with advanced modern science and technology level and independent intellectual property rights. It has been listed as a key high-tech product in Zhejiang Province. It has passed the national performance test and successfully entered the automotive matching market. Zhejiang Huatai Electronics Co., Ltd. has developed high-power LED light source, successfully transformed from precision die and accessories to a new generation of green energy-saving lighting industry, and is in the leading position in the industry.

Innovation of Institutional Management to Get rid of the Dilemma of Survival

Enterprises regard system innovation and management innovation as an effective way to cope with the changing situation, overcome the constraints of factors and get rid of the survival predicament. By merging five similar enterprises, maintaining and strengthening the two core links of "brand management" and "technology research and development", Feike Group develops "virtualization" production of eight OEM factories, optimizes and integrates multiple resources upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, thus gains continuous improvement of its core competitiveness, and is recognized as the first brand in the same industry in China. 。 In 2007, the output value of only 35 mu of industrial land exceeded 600 million yuan, and in 2008 it is expected to reach 1 billion yuan. Through optimization and reorganization, three PCB enterprises, Jiahong, Zhicheng and Hengxin, established Zhejiang Zhanbang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and invested more than 30 million yuan in importing and purchasing domestic equipment to break through the technical bottleneck. From the original production of two-layer PCB to the present production of multi-layer PCB, they have successfully entered the high-end market. To achieve multiple growth of output value. Since 2005, more than 20 group companies have been set up in the whole region, and a number of enterprises such as "Senma" and "Guansheng" have actively planned to go public.

Product optimization and upgrading to enhance the overall strength

Enterprises rely on new technologies, research and development of new products, create new brands, occupy new markets, products from low-end to high-end development. Ouhai Light Industry Machinery Factory 2 has been devoting itself to independent research and development for 20 years. Its "SMS spunbonded melt-blown composite nonwovens production line" breaks the monopoly of famous foreign brand companies and becomes the first set of equipment in China, undertaking international orders from Belgium, Saudi Arabia and Thailand. Zhejiang Hengfengtai Decelerator Manufacturing Co., Ltd. cooperates with dozens of institutions of higher learning, such as Northeast University, to develop six series of products with more than 50 specifications and models. The first domestic eight-hanging-point anode lifting mechanism for large-scale aluminium electrolytic cells and the fast combination of electromechanical and automatic control of anode busbar lifting frame products have won national patents. And included in the national key new product plan; Intelligent DCS control system multi-point drive high-efficiency settlement tank, included in the national torch plan; for several consecutive years, sales output value and profits and taxes increased by more than 30% annually, and the comprehensive entity of enterprises continued to improve. A number of enterprises such as "Qiangqiang", "Universal", "Lifeng", "Hualian", "Wanchao" pay attention to technological innovation and product optimization and upgrading, and maintain a strong growth trend. There are 60 high-tech enterprises and 29 high-tech enterprises above the provincial level in the whole region. Enterprises in the region have established 85 technology (R&D) centers and 30 technology (R&D) centers above the municipal level. There are 4 famous Chinese brands, such as Senma sweater, Balabala children's wear and Oriental lighter, 19 well-known Chinese trademarks such as "Whit", "Senma", "Feike", "Dayingwang". There are 40 provincial and famous trademarks, 75 city and famous trademarks. Three enterprises participate in the formulation of industry product standards.

Changing Business Model to Relieve Regulatory Pressure

Enterprises make full use of both domestic and foreign markets to ease the pressure of regulation and control by practicing internal skills, paying close attention to R&D and innovative management. Through the integration of upstream and downstream social resources, Senma Group has formed the integration of R&D, production and sales, and has taken a path of socialized large-scale production and specialized division of labor and cooperation. It has opened more than 3800 monopoly stores all over the country. Its sales value in 2007 exceeded 4 billion yuan, and realized the tax revenue of 177 million yuan, and its production in 2008. The value is expected to climb to 6 billion yuan. Guansheng Group implements the strategy of "going out" and actively exploits the international market. In 2005, it acquired a production-oriented enterprise in South Carolina, USA, and established six subsidiaries successively in the United States, Hong Kong and Germany to realize the goal of "going out"-selling products abroad and "going in"-establishing them abroad. The strategy of marketing channel, and to "go up" - to establish a global marketing network, the goal of global resource allocation.

Implementing Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction and Transforming Growth Mode

District committees and governments actively carry out energy conservation and emission reduction work to promote the transformation of the mode of economic growth. From January to September 2008, the energy consumption of 10,000 yuan GDP in the whole region decreased by 4.4%. 12 families