Realization of Party Construction in Enterprises above the Scale of Our District

2008-06-20 13:43:22 9

Reporters learned from the Organizational Department of the District Committee yesterday that Party building in Enterprises above the scale of our district has achieved "full coverage". At present, 223 Party organizations in non-public enterprises have been established in the whole region (including 3 Party committees and 6 Party branches). Among them, 199 Party organizations have been established separately, 24 joint Party branches and 1670 Party members have been established.

Non-public economic organizations are an important field of Party building. In recent years, the district committees have taken the formation of Party organizations as an important part of Party building in non-public enterprises, innovated working methods and broke through difficulties. They have taken measures of "three or more Party members are built separately, two Party members are assigned to instructors and one Party member is jointly built", thus achieving "blossom on the spot". In view of the problems of "small number of enterprises" in our district, difficult extension and consolidation of Party building work, a new mode of community-based Party building work in non-public enterprises is put forward. General Party branches have been established successively in eight enterprise communities. The work of Party building in enterprises that have not yet established Party organizations is covered by the general Party branch of the community. The formation of Party organizations is also incubated by the general Party branch to expand the coverage of Party building. In 2007, 79 non-public enterprise party organizations were established in the whole region.Zhejiang Wanchao Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. has set up a new branch in Shanghai. The chief executive of the company first thought of finding the local organization department and asking for the establishment of the Party organization. The move was praised by local Party organizations. The change from "acting on orders" to "pursuing initiative" in enterprises is a microcosm of the remarkable achievements of Party building in non-public enterprises in our region in recent years.

The establishment of vigorous and harmonious enterprises has set off a climax in our region. Various enterprises have emerged many unique practices in the light of the actual situation. Jinzhou Group's internal withdrawal system and 2 million yuan are used to reward employees. The Development Zone jointly develops the training of Party members and talents with Wenda, and establishes Wenzhou's earliest employee self-governing mutual aid association. Party building has become an invisible force to promote the development of enterprises. There are 1 city-level dynamic and harmonious enterprises and 19 district-level dynamic and harmonious enterprises.