Investigation and Inspection by District People's Congress Delegates on the Establishment of Quxi Harmonious Enterprise

2008-04-21 13:47:37 14

On April 18, the deputies of the District People's Congress conducted a special inspection and investigation on the activities of "building harmonious enterprises in labor relations" in the town.

In recent years, Quxi Town has actively constructed harmonious labor relations, earnestly safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and workers, and ensured the effective implementation of the Labor Law and the Trade Union Law. At present, 33 trade unions have been established in non-public enterprises in the town, and 29 collective labor and wage negotiation contracts have been signed, with a signing rate of 89%. The deputies of the District People's Congress inspected Huanai Shoe Industry Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Juda Machinery Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Wanchao Electrical Co., Ltd. successively. Through visiting the workshop of enterprises, visiting some employees and holding symposiums, the deputies of the District People's Congress learned on the spot the situation of enterprises'activities of "building harmonious enterprises with labor relations" and the construction of workers for harmonious enterprises. Satisfaction is expressed. Especially after the promulgation and implementation of the new labor contract law, the three inspected enterprises can implement the relevant provisions. In practice, there are many good experiences and practices, which are worth learning and learning from other enterprises. The inspection team believes that although employees in various enterprises receive considerable remuneration for their work, problems such as excessive labor intensity and long working hours are prevalent. Enterprises are required to formulate a legitimate staff rest system in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Labor Law and the Trade Union Law, gradually standardize their working hours and effectively safeguard their employees. The legitimate rights and interests.