More than 500 employees of Ouhai Enterprise raised their glasses to welcome the New Year

2008-01-02 13:48:56 16

In the evening of December 31, 2007, more than 500 employees of Zhejiang Wanchao Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. gathered together to have a "New Year's dinner" and toast to welcome the New Year.

Farewell the old and welcome the new, the wine cup raised, laughter rang, the warmth of the company family dispersed the winter cold.

(Interview: The staff of Zhejiang Wanchao Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. are very happy today. I think there are too many first times. The first time I eat in such a large number of people. The first time I feel very warm in such cold weather. (Explanation) In addition to meals, employees also watched self-compiled literary and artistic programs. Employees from all over the world spoke of Allegro in the Southern Dialect to the North, picked up musical instruments and microphones and sang songs. All employees celebrated the arrival of the New Year in their own way.)