Lingnan Eco-cultural Travel Co., Ltd. went to Quxi to investigate the wildlife park project

2018-09-07 10:25:07 32

On September 4, the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Tourism Bureau and the general manager of Lingnan Eco-cultural Travel Co., Ltd. went to Ouhai to inspect the wildlife park project, accompanied by the Ouhai Tourism Bureau and the relevant staff of Quxi Street.

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First, a group of people went into the Ouhai Planning Exhibition Hall to learn about Ouhai's history, customs, dwellings, natural environment resources, industry, transportation and so on. Through explanations, they learned about Ouhai's past and present life.

After mastering the general situation of Ouhai, he led the investors to visit the Quxi Wildlife Zoo project on the spot. On the roof of Zhejiang Wanchao Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd.Appliance Company, the person in charge of Quxi Street introduced the location boundary, land occupation scale, project overview, investment invitation, demolition and transportation of the wildlife park. Subsequently, the two sides discussed some details in depth.

It is reported that the total land area of Wenzhou Wildlife Park is 4365 mu. The overall structure of Wenzhou Wildlife Park is initially designated as one ring, one valley and four districts and three gardens. With the formation of traffic pattern such as the West extension of Ouhai Avenue (Phase III), the southwest line of the high-speed circle around the city and the opening of Juxi International Dermal World, the core project of Piyi Ancient Town, Wenzhou Wildlife Park, the "Dajian Damei" project, will surely create a new brilliance in Ouhai tourism.