Jia Yongguang, Chairman of Zhejiang Wanchao Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.

2015-07-20 11:15:22 16

Jia Yongguang is from Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. He is the chairman of Zhejiang Wanchao Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. and vice chairman of Ouhai Auto and Motorcycle Parts Industry Association of Wenzhou City. He is mainly engaged in auto parts industry.

The company has been awarded "provincial document unit", "national high-tech enterprise", "provincial R&D center", "provincial famous trademark", "provincial famous brand products" and other honors. The automotive electrical and electronic products produced are highly praised and recognized by major mainframes. SAIC General Motors Wuling "Excellent Quality Award", "Million Course Co-growth Award", "FAW Liberation" Quality Winning Award", FAW Jilin"Excellent Supplier", Dongfeng Liuqi"Excellent Supplier"and Great Wall Automobile"Quality Contribution Award" And other honors. In 2014, the company's total industrial output was 450 million yuan, sales were 40 million yuan and profits and taxes amounted to 28.5 million yuan.

Since the second half of 2012, with the increasingly strong atmosphere of attracting investment in Wenzhou and the continuous optimization of the soft and hard environment of investment, our company has responded positively to the call of provincial and municipal leaders to return to investment and innovation, and finally decided to return to Wenzhou to establish Zhejiang Wanchao Electrical Appliance Research and Development Center. We will make great efforts in the local government and relevant departments. With the support of the project, it took only three and a half months to complete the relevant construction procedures and invested 80 million yuan to build 20,000 square meters of R&D center.