Notice on Publishing List of Benchmarking Enterprises for Safety Production in Ouhai District

2018-02-23 11:59:45 22

Departments (brigades, centers), security prisons and related enterprises of the bureau:

According to the requirement of "Notice on Developing Benchmarking Activities in Enterprise Safety Production in Ouhai District" (Wen'ou'an Supervision No. 38, 2017), in order to set up benchmarking and model for safety production and give full play to the typical leading role of demonstration, the platform of Weixin is selected and specialized by recommendation of various towns, development zones and trade associations. Home grading, screening out benchmarking to create target enterprises, and commissioned Wenzhou Hualong Safety Production Technology Services Co., Ltd. for guidance. After nearly half a year's establishment, the construction of safety culture, standardization of safety production and management level of safety production of benchmarking enterprises have been further improved. Now, 10 enterprises, such as Zhejiang Jilaoda Automotive Supplies Co., Ltd., are identified as the benchmarking enterprises of safety production in Ouhai District in 2017 (see list for details). Annex)

Annex: List of Benchmarking Enterprises for Safety Production in Ouhai District

Wenzhou Ouhai District Safety Supervision and Administration Bureau

February 23, 2018

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List of Safety Benchmarking Enterprises in Ouhai District in 2017

Combination switch, the switch, car skylight, mirrors, electric glass, remote control, reversing radar, a key to keyless entry and start system, ignition lock, car body control module (BCM)