How to Use Various Switches of Automobile Correctly

2017-11-12 14:59:01 15

1. Most of the light switches are on the combination switch on the left. Up is the turning light on the right, down is the turning light on the left. Far ahead is the light. Backward is the switching of far and near light. Turn the head of the combination switch forward, that's the small light. Further ahead is the headlamp.

2. Common usage of other switches:

Fuel tank switch: Some are electronic buttons, some are pull-wire switches located near the brake, or under the steering wheel of the dashboard position.

Cover switch: The instrument table position under the steering wheel.

Luggage box switch: some are controlled by remote controller, some use keys, some use the instrument table position under the manual steering wheel, the left side of the driving seat, the front and bottom of the driving seat, and the window switch, the rear view mirror switch, which is simple.

Air conditioning switch: AC switch is to open air conditioning compressor, automatic air conditioning is button-like, manual general knob is the majority: wind direction control switch, used to control wind direction adjustment, is to blow to the head, foot, or forward windshield,. The air volume control switch, r controls the air volume the same size as the electric fan's 1234 gears. The quasi-hot air control switch is used for converting whether to blow cold air or hot air from air conditioning compressor and hot air from cooling water.

ESP Switch: It draws the car's icon and the icon of the car is a skewed S-line, used for auto-stabilization of the body system, generally automatic intervention.

Parking switch: Radar switch, generally automatic intervention can also be started by hand, parking or car multi-car distance is too close to open, will prompt the alarm.