What is a combination switch for automobiles?

2017-11-12 14:58:49 23

The automobile combination switch is a kind of switch which is often introduced as a power source in the electric control circuit. It can be used to start or stop the low-power motor directly or make the motor reverse and forward.


The utility model is a device installed on the steering pipe string of an automobile, which consists of two or more switches for controlling the light, signal, control electric apparatus and other components of the automobile.

Action characteristics

1, gear. 2, conversion force. 3, speed characteristics. 4. Anti-interference characteristics.

Product logo

The product surface should have a clear product model, factory trademark, factory date and so on. Marks used in knowledge manipulation, connection pole markers, and the markers specified in the product drawings and technical documents of the model.

Product transport

Labels clearly specified in technical documents.

Product transport

The packing box of the product should be firm, the product should not move in the box, and the total quality should not exceed 50 kg.

The outer wall of each packing box shall have the manufacturer's name and address, the product name, model and quantity, and the name and address of the receiving unit.

Product storage editor

Products should be stored in a well ventilated warehouse without harmful gases, and should not be stored with chemicals, acids and bases.