How to use the combination switch of automobile?

2017-11-12 14:58:18 16

Combination switch is a multifunctional combination switch used to control lighting and light signal devices and some other accessories. It is usually a handle type and is mounted on the steering column under the steering wheel to facilitate the driver's operation. Usually, the combination switch has two handles and one button:

The left handle is a light control switch. Control steering lights, headlights and other lights.

Before turning, pull the handle back and forth according to the direction of turning the steering wheel, and turn on the left and right turning signal lights respectively. Turn right clockwise and left counterclockwise. At this time, the corresponding steering indicator in the combined instrument should also be on.

After turning, when the steering wheel is turned back, the handle of the new car will be automatically turned back and the steering signal will be automatically turned off.

Some cars have shifted Lane gear, slightly forward (or backward) pull the handle, you can turn on the steering signal, release the hand and automatically return to position.

Its end can be twisted around the axis of the handle to control other lights, also divided into three gears:

OFF neutral, all lights out. It should be in this block during the day.

1 Night use: Except headlamp, all other lights are turned on, including instrument lamp, front lamp, rear lamp, license plate lamp, etc.

2. Headlamp on: low-light on, other lights on. In this block, push down the handle to get far light.

If the handle is pushed up and down, the overtaking signal can be sent out.

(2) Right handle: wiper and windshield washer switch. Divided into four blocks:

OFF neutral, wiper does not work.

INT works intermittently (every 4 to 5 seconds).

LO works at low speed.

HI works at high speed.

If the handle is pulled up, the washing liquid of the windshield can be ejected. Some have a washing liquid button at the end of the handle.

(3) There is a danger alarm flashlight button in the middle above the combined switch. Press down to turn on the danger alarm flashlight.