What's the difference between keyless startup system and keyless access system?

2017-11-12 14:58:01 21

1. The difference is that the principle is different. The keyless entry system is to enter the system, and the keyless start-up can only start, but can not enter the system.

2. Vehicle keyless access system, which adopts the world's most advanced RFID radio frequency technology and the most advanced vehicle identification system, takes the lead in the application of miniaturized, low-power radio frequency antenna development program, and successfully integrated the remote control system and keyless system, followed the traditional vehicle circuit protection. The dual radio frequency system and dual anti-theft protection are being implemented to provide maximum convenience and safety for car owners.

3. Keyless start-up system, that is, starting the vehicle without turning the key, put the key in the bag or pocket, press the key or screw the guide plate to ignite the engine. More convenient, but also makes the sense of luxury, technology doubled.

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Extended data

Reynolds, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and other high-end car manufacturers have adopted the "keyless" system. When you step into the designated area, the system recognizes you as an authorized driver and opens the door automatically. Once you get on the bus, you can start the ignition switch by pressing a button. Today's smart keys can also "lock" the key itself, preventing you from locking yourself out.

Working principle

The key-free startup system uses the most advanced radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, which can automatically switch the door lock through the chip of the smart card carried by the owner. That is to say, when the driver approaches the vehicle at a certain distance, the door lock will automatically open and unlock the theft-proof; when the driver leaves the vehicle, the door lock will automatically lock and unlock. Enter theft-proof state.