Advantages of keyless startup system

2017-11-12 14:57:35 18

The keyless startup system is not only convenient to use, but also very helpful to vehicle anti-theft and safety.

First, when the car owner gets on and starts the car, the first foot brakes and the four doors will automatically fall off the lock. When the city is in traffic jam or traveling alone at night, we should prevent accidents such as carrying bags and do everything possible.

Second, when the driver enters the vehicle, the vehicle can identify the real owner. If the owner is not in the vehicle, the vehicle will not be able to start and alarm immediately.

Third, the complete encryption system of the password identification device (electronic key) can not be replicated, and the fourth generation of radio frequency identification technology (RFID) chip fully meets the requirements of non-replicability. At present, the existing chip anti-theft devices and the original car configuration chip anti-theft devices are basically the second or third generation chips, which do not completely solve the problem of being copied.

Fourth, the whole car anti-theft - through the circuit, oil, start three points lock, when the anti-theft device was illegally removed, the vehicle can not start.

Fifth, no false alarm - the product uses the most advanced anti-conflict technology, greatly enhancing the reliability of the system.

6. Close the windows automatically after locking the car. When the car owner gets off, if he forgets to close the windows and does not need to restart the engine to close the windows one by one, the vehicle safety system will automatically raise the windows, which greatly improves the safety level of the car. The intelligent key system will not let the car owner leave the car every time for forgetting to close the windows and other accidents such as rain. I always worry about forgetting to lock the door when I drive.