What is the principle of remote control for car locks?

2017-11-12 14:57:11 26

The working principle of the remote controller for car lock is as follows: the car owner presses the button on the key, the key terminal sends out a signal, and the signal contains the corresponding command information. The antenna of the car terminal receives the radio signal. After BCM certification of the body control module, an actuator realizes the action of unlocking/locking.

The remote control door lock system consists of:

1. Transmitter: Radio remote control signal generator (RF) in car key, radio signal;

2. Receiver: Instrument, steering wheel, seat, A pillar, etc., some of them are integrated in theft-proof control unit or automobile computer;

3. Remote control door lock control components (ECU, BCM);

4. Door lock control components;

5, actuators.

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