The Use Method of Automobile Remote Controller

2017-11-12 14:56:47 7

1. aim

Aim the remote controller at the remote control receiver beside the main control switch of the electric window. Within 1-4 seconds, press the lock key of the remote controller or press the lock key to twist.

Make sure you can hear the sound of the door lock actuator. Press the remote control's unlock or lock button again within 1-4 seconds.

Combination switch, the switch, car skylight, mirrors, electric glass, remote control, reversing radar, a key to keyless entry and start system, ignition lock, car body control module (BCM)

2. confirmation

Within 10 seconds, the remote controller (up to two more can be stored) that needs to store its code in the remote controller receiver, aiming at the receiver, and then pressing the remote controller's unlock or lock button. After each remote control code is stored, it is necessary to confirm that the sound of the door lock actuator can be heard.

Turn the ignition switch to OFF and pull out the key.

Verify that the remote control can operate normally.

Expanded information:

Automobile has become an indispensable part of people's life, so the development of automobiles is becoming more and more intelligent. Many automobiles are controlled by remote control when they start. There are three buttons on the remote control, which are the lock key, the reserve box switch and the unlock key. Lock the car key, as the name implies, press the car and lock it. The unlock key, as the name implies, is unlocked by pressing the car. As a kind of remote controller supplemented by infrared remote controller, electric vehicle remote controller has been widely used in the field of remote control and anti-theft of electric vehicles and automobiles. The launching part is generally divided into two types: remote controller and launching module. The remote controller and the remote control module are for the mode of use. The remote controller can be used as a whole machine independently, and the external lead-out wires have wiring studs. The remote control module is used as a component in the circuit, and is applied according to its pin definition. The advantage of using remote control module is that it can be seamlessly connected with application circuit, small size, low price, and make full use of everything. But users must really understand the circuit principle, otherwise it is convenient to use remote control.

Generally speaking, the receiving part can be divided into two types: superheterodyne and super-regenerative receiving mode. The super-regenerative demodulation circuit is also called super-regenerative demodulation circuit. It is actually a regenerative demodulation circuit working in intermittent oscillation state. The superheterodyne demodulation circuit is the same as the superheterodyne radio. It sets up a local oscillation circuit to generate oscillation signal. After mixing with the received carrier frequency signal, the intermediate frequency (IF) signal is obtained, and the data signal is demodulated by IF amplification and detection. Because the carrier frequency is fixed, the circuit is simpler than the radio. The superheterodyne receiver is stable, sensitive and anti-jamming. The super-regenerative receiver is small and cheap.