Benefits of automotive skylights

2017-10-24 14:54:10 69

Every morning, many car owners always drive to work in a hurry. Experts suggest opening the skylight at this time. Relevant experts said that the air pollution in the car seriously affects the health of drivers, especially after a period of time of airtight, the car is filled with harmful substances such as benzene, formaldehyde and other gases in decorative articles. Therefore, the first thing to get on the bus after overnight is to open the skylight of the car and use its superior principle of negative pressure ventilation to filter the air in the car to protect the health of the driver.

1. Changing the traditional ventilation mode

The automobile skylight has changed the traditional ventilation form, the wind blows in to form a stream of airflow, and the turbid air in the carriage is pumped out. When a car is running at high speed, the air flows quickly from all sides of the car. When the window opens, a negative pressure area will form outside the car. Because of the difference of air pressure inside and outside the car, the dirty air in the car can be pumped out to achieve the purpose of ventilation, so that the fresh air in the car can always be maintained, which makes you feel the pleasure of driving.

2. Quickly remove the fog in the car

Skylight defogging is a fast defogging method. Especially in summer and autumn, there is much rain and high humidity. Drivers know that if the side windows of the car are closed during the driving process, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car will be increased, and the front windshield is easy to form fog. Although most cars are equipped with anti-fog devices, but the effect is not so obvious. Drivers only need to open the roof skylight to the back-warping ventilation position, which can easily eliminate the fog of the front windshield and ensure driving safety. Using skylights for ventilation, there is no need to worry about the dirty environment outside the car, nor about the rain being blown into the car.

3. Fast cooling and energy saving

The use of skylights can also save energy. In hot summer, when the car is exposed to the sun for an hour, the temperature in the car can easily reach about 70 degrees Celsius. Open the door, a heat wave will come, for many people, are choosing to immediately open the car's air conditioning to reduce the temperature in the car. In fact, if you own a skylight version of the car, just open the skylight, using the negative pressure formed by the roof of the car during driving to extract hot air can achieve the purpose of rapid ventilation and cooling, using this method than using car air conditioning cooling speed 2-3 times faster, but also save gasoline.

4. The Best Time to Open Skylights

Early spring morning and evening are still chilly in spring, which makes people "hit the mark" if they don't pay attention to it. At this time, in order to ventilate without losing the temperature in the car, we need to open the skylight of the car. Because the automobile skylight is installed on the top of the car, its negative pressure principle will extract a large number of turbid gases, and the open thermal air conditioning formed a gas exchange, so that it can not lose the temperature in the car but also achieve good ventilation effect, fish and bear's paw, at this time both.

5. Sun-exposed automobiles

When your car is exposed to the sun, you can open the skylight. The best way to ventilate the car is to use air conditioning and skylights. Experiments show that in order to achieve the balance of indoor temperature, the most ideal way is to open the air conditioning and skylight. After exposure, the car is like a stranded whale. It needs a quick and soft way to adjust the temperature to reduce the temperature. In this situation, opening the skylight and air conditioning in the car is the best choice. Choose, energy-saving and fast!

6. cars in traffic jam

When there is traffic jam, all vehicles are at a standstill or slow state, and the exhaust will inevitably be more dense than ever. By opening the skylight and closing all the side windows, you don't have to worry about the exhaust from the air entering the car room. The negative pressure ventilation of the skylight of the car will exhaust the exhaust gas from the car and prevent the dirty air from entering the carriage.

7. Cars on Expressways

Do you realize that once the heating of the automobile is opened for too long, it will easily cause drowsiness. If the side window is opened, it will be disturbed by the noise and cross wind when the side window is opened. When the speed reaches 100 kilometers, the noise can be as high as 110 decibels, but only 69 decibels if the "automobile skylight" is opened. Secondly, the ventilation of the skylight relies on the negative pressure principle of the automobile driving process to extract the polluted air.

8. other times

When smoking, opening the skylight can quickly eliminate smoke odor; when enjoying music, opening the skylight does not affect the effect of enjoyment; when viewing the scenery, opening the shade, you can enjoy more scenery and increase the pleasure of traveling.

9. overnight car

According to experts, air pollution in cars seriously affects the health of drivers, and even causes cancer. Especially after parking overnight, the airtight interior is filled with gases emitted from decorative materials, which will seriously endanger the health and safety of drivers. Therefore, the first thing to get on the bus after overnight should be to open the skylight of the car and use its superior principle of negative pressure ventilation to filter the air in the car to protect you and your family.