Quxi Town Develops High Temperature Condolences

2010-07-26 11:26:38 48


Summer is hot and hot, and the safety and health of the vast number of workers in the production line are always affecting the minds of the leaders of Quxi Town. On July 23, Quxi Town organized a high-temperature condolence campaign. The leaders of the Party and the government of the town led a team to deliver a cool summer day to the employees of the enterprise.

The consolation group went to Wenzhou Lili Leather Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Wanchao Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Zhanbang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Donghua Industrial Co., Ltd., Quxi Power Station, Quxi Town Sanitation Station and many other enterprises to console more than 3000 employees. Town leaders personally sent condolences to the workers, and went to the workshop to visit the workers who adhered to the production line, to understand their work situation. Town leaders instructed enterprise cadres to pay attention to heat prevention and cooling, care for the health of workers, put production safety in the first place, pay special attention to the health protection of front-line workers in high-temperature workshops, take effective measures to prevent and cool down heat, adjust working and rest time, and avoid the occurrence of heatstroke as far as possible.