Twenty-seven Red CEOs: Wenzhou is a hot land we have long yearned for.

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[Wenzhou Network * Original Report] Twenty-seven "red CEOs" officially joined hands with 26 private enterprises in Wenzhou. They will also receive 10-day job training arranged by the organizational departments before they take up their posts formally. Today (29), several "red CEOs" who eventually joined the ranks of six generals after five passes told Wenzhou Net reporters the story of their participation in the "extraordinary recruitment" campaign.

27 "Red CEOs" and 26 Wenzhou Private Enterprises

In May this year, the Organizational Department of the Municipal Party Committee announced that 25 private enterprises in Wenzhou had publicly recruited 25 Party secretaries for enterprises nationwide. On May 18, 1205 talents from different industries from all over the country came to register. On June 19, 242 people entered the interview after a rigorous preliminary qualification and screening. Then, after a 5:1 re-screening, 128 were selected for the two-way selection process, and 27 elites came to the fore. Unlike the previous plan of "25 enterprises elect 25 Secretary candidates", Wenzhou Changjiang Automobile Electronics Co., Ltd. and Wuzhou Valve Co., Ltd. recruited 2 Secretary candidates.

It is understood that among the 27 "red CEOs" from 14 provinces, only 2 are from Wenzhou city. Among them, there are 25 males and 2 females. The oldest is 62 years old and the youngest is 29 years old. There are 7 people from administrative organs, including 4 at county level and 3 at Department level. There are 10 state-owned enterprises, including 6 senior executives and 4 middle-level employees. Four colleges and universities, including two at the office level and two at the county level. There are 6 private enterprises, including 6 senior executives and 4 middle-level employees. In terms of educational background, there are 3 masters, 18 undergraduates and 6 junior college students.

These special elites, who have passed the five barriers and cut six generals, come from all walks of life throughout the country. They have different experiences and stories.

Come to Wenzhou and realize one of my life aspirations

Li Hao, a 57-year-old Hebei native, signed a contract with the Secretary of the Party Committee of Luoyang Million Packaging Co., Ltd. in Henan Province: Shuguang Printing Industry Group Co., Ltd.

He is the most successful candidate in the national recruitment. For this application, he said that his family gave him great spiritual support. In the interview, he said, "The old man who is up to 80 years old, the children and their loved ones are very supportive of me. They said,'You have 38 years of Party age, and you are afraid that you won't pass the exam'."

For Wenzhou, he lamented that he had been to many cities in Zhejiang before, but had never been to Wenzhou. This time, he was lucky to work in Wenzhou Enterprise. To live here is to realize one of his life aspirations.

"Wenzhou is a hot land. For comrades who have been working for a long time in the northern state-owned groups and organs, it is very necessary to feel, experience and fight here!"

She led five graduate students to work until 2 a.m.

Liu Yu, a 40-year-old Henan native, signed a contract with Wenzhou Zhongyi Group Co., Ltd., the former vice-minister of Propaganda Department of Henan Provincial Municipal Committee

She is one of the only two female "CEO" in this election. She told reporters, "I have long admired Wenzhou people's spirit of"hardworking, daring to be the first in the world". Wenzhou's enterprise economic development model is also yearning for understanding. So just sign up for a try and be elected is a kind of fate.

Jiang Zhongyi, the president of Wenzhou Zhongyi Group, who signed with her, told reporters in an interview that Liu Yu's work in the previous half month had brought him a lot of touches.

"As a 40-year-old woman, it is not easy for her to give up her civil service status and choose to go to sea when her career is open." Jiang said it was Liu Yu's ability to work that made him stand out. "On her first day at work, she made a lot of slogans and banners and updated the content of the propaganda board. All of a sudden, the working atmosphere of the whole science park was stimulated. In such hot weather, she also led five graduate students to work until two o'clock in the morning, and everyone was very touched. Jiang said that he was considering arranging Liu Yu's lover and children in Wenzhou next year to reunite the family and make her work better.

Young people should dare to try and fight

Sun Liangnan 29-year-old Heilongjiang native, former Master of Staff of Quzhou Juhua Group

He was one of the two "post-80s" candidates in this recruitment. His skin was dark and his speech was elegant. It was not at all obvious that he was a big boy from Heilongjiang Province. He told reporters that he has been eager to contact Wenzhou entrepreneurs, through this recruitment also felt the spirit of Wenzhou enterprises love and cherish talent.

"The spirit of Wenzhou entrepreneurs'entrepreneurship has also inspired our young people and made us feel the sense of accepting new challenges from our hearts." Asked if he was not accustomed to living in Wenzhou, he said that he had worked and lived in Quzhou for many years. He was familiar with and used to the climate and living customs here, so he would not be too unfit in Wenzhou.

Ten days later, the 27 "red CEOs" will officially enter the work of enterprises, Wenzhou Networks will continue to track reports. (Reporter: Zhao Leyun)

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