Quxi has made remarkable achievements in the establishment of spiritual civilization

2008-11-05 13:41:57 7

On November 3, Zhang Jianhui, director of the Rural Department of the Municipal Civilization Office, and his party, accompanied by the responsible persons of the Regional Civilization Office, examined and accepted the work of the review of Quxi provincial civilized towns and the establishment of provincial civilized units.

In Zhejiang Wanchao Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd., which declared the establishment of provincial civilized units, Zhang Jianhui and his colleagues carefully listened to the report of the company's leaders on the work of civilized creation, watched the video of enterprise civilized creation activities, and on-the-spot inspected the activity venues of enterprise employees. Zhang Jianhui highly affirmed the achievements of the company's civilized construction, and asked the town government to give full play to the radiation effect of provincial civilized towns, government-enterprise linkage, and widely mobilize the masses to participate in the civilized construction.

Quxi Town is the center of politics, economy, culture and science and technology in Sanxi area. It was awarded the title of "Wenzhou Two Star Civilization Town" and "Zhejiang Civilization Town" in 2004, and passed the initial review of the provincial and municipal civilizations office in 2006. Over the past two years, the town has always regarded the mass spiritual civilization building activities as an important part of the work of creating civilized towns. By November 2008, the town had established three civilized villages at the city and district levels, 13 civilized units at the city and district levels, 7 civilized service demonstration sites at the city and district levels, and 3817 civilized families. Among them, Zhejiang Wanchao Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. declared to establish provincial civilized units. Sanxi Environmental Protection Institute, as the only unit in the city, won the title of "National Youth Civilization" in 2007, which created a good situation for everyone in the town to participate in civilized creation.