Scientific and Technological Innovation Promotes the Development of Ouhai Industrial Economy

2007-10-03 10:36:13 10

Implementing scientific and technological innovation and enhancing the ability of independent innovation are the only way to accelerate the new industrialization and the leading strategy of "building a city, four districts" and building a harmonious Ouhai". In recent years, Ouhai District has been actively building platforms for enterprise scientific and technological innovation, actively cultivating and introducing innovative talents, and the ranks of high-tech enterprises have been growing.

Recently, Zhejiang Hengfengtai Speed Reducer Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Anshan Wear-Resistant Alloy Research Institute cooperated in the CORT compound rolling movable teeth reducer project, which won the Geneva Gold Prize and the national invention patent. According to reports, the reducer is an essential component for manufacturing industrial robots. This invention not only fills the gap of precision transmission equipment in China, but also promotes the rapid development of robotics, CNC equipment and other industries in China. At present, the company has signed an order contract with three customers, and a number of customers have sent letters requesting orders.

Recently, based on independent innovation, Hengfengtai has established its own R&D base through long-term technical cooperation with major research institutes in China and continuously developed new products with high-tech content. The company has obtained six national patents, including two invention patents. It is understood that 70% of the annual sales value of Hengfengtai comes from the R&D and production of new products.

(Interview with Zou Fusheng, Chief Engineer of Hengfengtai: In terms of expanding production after producing benefits, that is to say, focusing on R&D, we rely on R&D to increase the reserve capacity of plant value and the strength of follow-up products, so as to keep the market prosperous and enduring. It is such a process. So after every R&D and production, when we get benefits, we will increase investment. Generally, there is a proportion of investment. At the provincial level, it is about 5%. Now we have not reached this requirement. We have reached this figure. We are working towards this aspect.)

Like "Hengfengtai", more and more Ouhai entrepreneurs realize that the survival and development of enterprises must rely on technological innovation, and constantly invest more human, material and financial resources in scientific and technological research and development, gradually forming a development chain with technological innovation as the core.

(Interview with Sun Daqing, Chief Engineer of Donghua Industry: Scientific and technological innovation should be the main theme of enterprise development. Without scientific and technological innovation, there will be no competitiveness in the market. Only products with technical content can remain invincible in the market.

The person in charge of Zhejiang Donghua Industrial Co., Ltd. told reporters that the chemical products produced by the company before 1995 were less than 100 tons. Since the company began to build its own research institute, it has attracted people of insight to join in through various cooperative ways, and took the lead in proposing the form of technology equity, recruiting high-tech talents, ending the previous transfer of technology. In the history of running enterprises, we are moving towards independent research and development of scientific and technological enterprises. The annual output has been constantly increasing. In 2007, the production capacity reached 6000 tons, ranking first in the same industry in the country.

In recent years, Ouhai District has adhered to the guiding principle of "independent innovation, key leapfrogging, supporting development and leading the future", the central task of which is to build an open regional innovation system with enterprise science and technology innovation as the main body and close integration of industry, University and research, the core of which is to train and introduce innovative talents, and the guarantee of strengthening the leadership of scientific and technological work. It has achieved the coordinated development of "four in one" of projects, platforms, talents and environment, comprehensively enhanced the independent innovation ability of enterprises, accelerated the transformation of traditional industries, promoted the leap-forward development of high-tech industries, and made a great step towards innovative urban areas and strong science and technology areas.

Interview: Xu Xinlong, deputy director of Ouhai District: With projects, talents and a good environment, if there is no platform, then all basic research, including independent innovation and other activities, can not be completed. Our government provides some financial and technical support for the construction of this platform, including science and technology service center, research and development center, basic experiment center, enterprise research and development center, etc.

Up to now, the total number of high-tech enterprises in Ouhai District has grown from 5 in 2000 to 51, of which 37 are at or above the municipal level. There are 70 technology research and development centers for enterprises at all levels, including 16 at or above the municipal level. High-tech enterprises such as Weiming Environmental Protection Group, Guansheng Group, Baitong Antiseptic Group, Lifeng Group and Zhejiang Wanchao Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd.have emerged, which greatly improves the technological content of Ouhai enterprises.