Party building in non-public enterprises promotes economic development

2007-09-27 14:40:34 17

"Give full play to the role of the fighting fortress of the Party organizations, build vigorous and harmonious enterprises, and make them stronger and bigger." A few days ago, Feike Group set up a Party branch. Li Qingrong, Secretary of the Party branch, said that he was confident about the future work of Party building in enterprises. This year, there are 80 non-public enterprises that have established Party organizations like Feike. At present, there are 201 Party organizations in non-public enterprises in the whole region, including 3 Party committees, 2 Party branches and 196 Party branches. The coverage of Party organizations in the non-public sector of the economy has been further expanded. "The greatest wealth brought to enterprises by Party organizations in enterprises is the cohesion of people's hearts and the stability of enterprises." Zheng Yongqiang, chairman of Jinzhou Group and Secretary of the Party Committee, spoke the voice of many entrepreneurs.

Party Members in Enterprises: Actively Playing the Leading Role of Model

The establishment of the Party branch is a great joy to the 12 members of Feike Group. Ma Changkui, deputy manager of the production department from Liaoning Province, told reporters happily: "After the establishment of the Party branch, the enterprise has a sense of belonging, like finding a'home', but also a heavy responsibility for'home'."

With Party organizations, Party members and employees in enterprises have their backbone. In these enterprises with Party organizations, Party members'responsibility zones, model posts and vanguard lists should be set up to mobilize and organize Party members to give advice and suggestions for the development of enterprises, to give full play to their spirit of ownership, and to play a exemplary leading role in employees. In the "Taiheng" staff living area, the red sign "Party member responsibility post" on Zhao Zhangdao's desk, the head of the life management section, is particularly striking. "As a Party member, I should be more strict with myself, do a good job of staff security, and serve employees well." Zhao Zhangdao plainly stated his responsibility as a Party member.

The Party organization is the enterprise's "internal leadership", but also the "vanguard". "Taiheng" Party branch secretary Zhang Xiufeng said: "Whenever enterprises have important tasks such as overtime rush, party members always rush to the front and compete for the lead." Party organization is the link between enterprises and employees. It gathers the strength of all parties, further promotes the development of enterprise vitality, and provides a good environment for building a "dynamic and harmonious enterprise".

Staff and Workers in New Wenzhou: Feeling the Warmth of "Home"

Photography, Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition, Speech Competition, Basketball Competition, Mid-Autumn Festival Literature and Art Exhibition... On September 17, the Ouhai Economic Development Zone launched a variety of Non-public Enterprise Culture Month activities with rich content, which is an example of the development zone to carry out vigorous and harmonious construction activities and strengthen the party building work in the development zone with vigor as the carrier.

Four years ago, under the organization of the Party branch of the enterprise, "Yiming" established a mutual aid association. When employees get married, have children, get sick, and have natural disasters at home, the mutual aid association will send warmth to these employees in the first time, so that they can feel the warmth of the party organization.

Grasp Party building, build harmony and promote development. Harmonious labor relations have greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of employees, and enterprises have also achieved good economic and social benefits. "Senma" and "Taiheng" have been named "harmonious enterprise" successively.

Villagers: injecting vitality into the construction of New Countryside

In recent years, a number of enterprises in our region have entered a rapid development stage. Their growth is inseparable from the help and support of the society. Under the leadership of the Party organizations in enterprises, they have been "feeding back the society" and take the initiative to assume social responsibility. Zhang Xiufeng, Secretary of Taiheng Party Branch, said that Party organizations in enterprises should serve enterprises, employees and society. According to reports, under the leadership of Taiheng Party branch, employees of enterprises actively participated in the activities of "Environmental Cleaning Day" in surrounding villages, which was praised by the villagers nearby and improved the social reputation of enterprises. Villagers have said that enterprises have injected vitality into the construction of new countryside.

Five Fengyuan Starch Factory, Wenzhou Paradise,Zhejiang Wanchao Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd. and other enterprises have invested in the "village-enterprise co-construction" activities to support the construction of new countryside. This year, "Senma" invested 4 million yuan to set up Ou Citrus Base in Longtou Village, Zeya Town, and initiated a new model of long-term benefit for village enterprises to form a feeding back to co-construction. Not long ago, Panqiao Town launched enterprises in its jurisdiction to raise a total of 420,000 yuan, purchased a fire truck, established a fire brigade, and improved fire fighting equipment at the town and village levels; Wenzhou Hongda Warning Equipment Co., Ltd. installed alarm equipment for village security patrols free of charge. Villages and enterprises strengthen cultural exchanges and promote harmonious co-construction by jointly carrying out comprehensive management of safety and co-organizing cultural and sports activities.