Lou Shaoguang, Secretary of the District Committee, went to Quxi to carry out the activity of

2017-02-06 11:22:24 42

On the afternoon of February 3, Lou Shaoguang, Secretary of the District Committee, visited Quxi Street for the New Year to send warm greetings. Jin Yanguang, Standing Committee of the District Committee and Executive Vice-President of the District Committee, was accompanied by the principal leaders of the District Committee Office, the District Government Office, the District Economic and Credit Bureau, the District Merchants Bureau, the District Federation of Industry and Commerce, and the Quxi Street.

Lou Shaoguang and his delegation visited Zhejiang Wanchao Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd.and Juxi Leather World in the area under the jurisdiction of Quxi Street successively, and brought greetings to the Spring Festival and wishes for the New Year. Firstly, I listened to Jia Yongguang's business situation since 2016 and enterprise development plan in 2017 in Wanchao Electrical Appliance Exhibition Hall. Then I deeply exchanged with the enterprise leaders on the technical reform and talent cultivation in the conference room. I proposed that Wanchao Electrical Appliances cooperate with Wenzhou Technical School and other universities to enhance the quality and stability of employees and products. Sex.

Later, Lou Shaoguang and his party went to Juxi Leather World Exhibition Hall to watch the market model. After hearing Xu Sanbao's report on the progress of enterprise investment, future development plan and existing problems in the conference room, Lou Shaoguang highly affirmed the project and said that the government should do a good job in matching the market by "visible hand". Set and environment construction, escort the smooth start of the dermal world project.

Finally, Lou Shaoguang also encouraged enterprises to seize the opportunities of demolition and transformation of the old market and market development, to be brave in pioneering and innovative, to do a good job of agglomeration effect according to the planning and design of Piyi Town, to promote the linkage transformation of the leather and auto parts industries upstream and downstream, and to make greater contributions to the economic development of the whole region.